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Perception, Deception Dollars - ­One Decade after September 11th, 2001

The first Deception Dollars were printed in the autumn of 2002. They were a collaborative effort to overcome censorship of the basic facts about 9/11 that were so well concealed by the mainstream media, and to drive people to check out websites challenging the official story. Their popularity inspired many people to create better websites, as millions of Deception Dollars were passed out at anti-war rallies and marches in an attempt to prevent the unjustifiable, immoral, heartbreaking, war upon Iraq. Canadian artist Blaine Machan did the artwork, maintained the Deception Dollar website, and contributed greatly to the budding 9/11 Truth Movement.

Manhattan Madonna

Manhatten Madonna

Gideon Polya

Art and article reprinted from Media With Conscience News - mwcnews.net/content/view/10766/26

By Gideon Polya, October 2007


MANHATTAN MADONNA is a huge painting that I have recently completed as part of a series of Madonna and Child paintings based on major cities. The Manhattan Madonna has a fundamental message that the most profound beauty and truth in our world is that of Mother and Child and that this beauty and truth transcends the greatest works of Man.

This truism for decent people must be endlessly re-stated because it is so blatantly ignored in our present globalized, Bush-ite-led Spaceship Earth in which 10.6 million under-5 year old infants die every year, 29,000 daily and about 90% avoidably due to man-made deprivation and First World greed.

When Dogs And 9/11 Collide: Artist Releases New Canvas On 9/11 Issue

I've never heard of this man until today. Apparently that image was used this past weekend in Colorado at an event with Dr. Griffin. I did some research on the individual, and his artwork has appeared in quite a few animal magazines, and apparently, he uses his artwork to "help support animal shelters through out the United States." - Jon

When Dogs and 9/11 Collide: Artist Releases New Canvas on 9/11 Issue
Artist Releases Original Painting, "With Liberty and Justice for All" in Response to the Cover-ups and Lies of 9/11.

With Liberty and Justice for All

Source: prweb.com