9/11 Truth Facebook Group

Facebook Group "9/11 Truth Movement" just cracked 28,000 members!

A few months ago, when I noticed this group for the first time, it had about 23,000 members. Now, I check in, and it has 28,004 members!

To participate on the discussion forums or write on the group wall, you have to be a member of the group.

While I'm sure that some people joined the group to oppose us on the forum (the JREF type), I would bet that of those 28,000 members, probably only a few dozen, maybe a hundred at most, joined for that purpose, whether amateur or paid.

Now granted, those that would try to deny the continuing growth of the movement would point out how puny 28K is with some other groups. Granted, the groups "Fans of Michael Jordan" and "American Idol" have hundreds of thousands of members, but such is the human condition as one which pours more passion into popular culture than trying to create a better world.

I think this FB group is a testament to the continued growth of the 9/11 truth movement.

I guess I could have waited til the number reached 30,000 but I've been itching to create this entry for some time. ;-)