9/11 Truth political party

Sander Hicks to form 9/11 Truth Political Party

Sander Hicks to form 9/11 Truth Political Party

May 23rd, 2010

News tip to contact.ipr@gmail.com from Tom Blanton:



This Sunday will be historic.

We are talking about starting what will soon become a major political force: something optimistic, smart, and savvy.

We will win elections. We will change the world.

As many of you saw from my blog, I have left the Green Party. But I learned a lot there, and it’s time for a new formation.

All good people are invited to an experimental, exploratory discussion and meeting, chaired by me, Sander Hicks, regarding the founding of a new political party. The working name of the party is currently “The Truth Party” but there’s also been some discussion of that name, see below.