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Buried Paul O'Neil Inteview proving the Iraq War and 911 was pre-planned

I wonder if you guys have seen this interview I found on Digg today. I cut out the last part which was more or less just campaign propaganda and left the important parts. To me this is pretty concrete that proves the war in Iraq was planned as well as the pre-text. 911 was an inside job. What do you guys think?

VIDEO: 9/11 2006 Truth Rally at the CFR Headquarters -Full

You Tube | September 14 2006

The NY 911 Truth Movement along with Alex Jones protest in front of the Council on Foreign Relations headquarters on 68th and Park in New York City on 9/12/2006. The CFR has over 4,000 international members many of whom are world leaders of government, media, and business. People like David Rockefeller, most modern US Presidents, and TV news anchors, along with the Queens of England and The Netherlands. They openly publish documents calling for World Government, or a New World Order, where the USA and its Constitution would no longer apply. These are some of those who orchestrated the 911 attacks!!!