9/11 Truth South Park

Trey Parker and Matt Stone go on the record regarding their 9-11 truth South Park episode.

Penn Jillette converses with Trey Parker and Matt Stone on his Free FM radio show. Pen, who has already denounced the 9-11 truth movement on his Showtime series Bullshit!, talks about the 9-11 "conspiracy nuts" and the problems they cause. These comments result in a straight answer from the creators of South Park about their feelings on 9-11 and the now famous 9-11 parody episode. They also mention the 911Truth.org t-shirt logo and their reasons for using it in the episode: "We want people to go see how goofy and dumb these people are..." They also concede the truth movement only seems to be growing and that it can't be stopped. I have no idea if this is their first public response to the episode; however, it is interesting to know the official stance on the subject from the kings of pop culture satire. The talk beings 0:11:45 into the show. This can be streamed from: http://penn.freefm.com/ or downloaded here: http://podcast.penn.freefm.com/penn/251794.mp3