Mia Hamel | Tampa 9/11 Truth

The 9/11 'Conspiracy'

Source: tbo.com

Published: Dec 21, 2006

CLEARWATER - It is a Thursday evening, an ordinary night.

From the community room of Panera Bread, the westerly flow of commuters can be seen heading into the sunset on busy Ulmerton Road.

Gathered here are a dozen or so like-minded souls from the Tampa Bay 9/11 Truth Meetup Group.

They share a common belief: The official story of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, is absolutely false.

"We're the Minutemen!" says retired nurse Jeanne Lucsynski of Wesley Chapel, who is sitting at a corner table with her laptop.

A 9/11 Truth meeting can sound like a cross between "The X Files" and an American history lesson.

Members are convinced that the U.S. government, or global elitists, felled the World Trade Center and used Arab hijackers as decoys. They want to speak out, like patriots of the American Revolution.

Lucsynski calls it the Internet Tea Party. This time, King George is in the White House.

OK, say they're crazy.

But Americans love a good conspiracy theory, a Scripps Howard-Ohio University poll released in August confirms.