9/11 Truth

YouTube account holder 4409 to build and post 9-11 Truth billboards on Interstate 40

Approximately 50,000 cars drive each day on Interstate 40 in Northern Arizona!


Please forward this video to all your contacts...post on facebook and myspace...twitter.

They are going to erect two 10' x 48' billboards on Interstate 40. Please check this channel for video logs of their progress http://www.youtube.com/rp4409 .

Please help us build these....the cost of this project is enormous. They should be up by New Years :)

Interviewed at the End US Wars Rally: McKinney, Nader, Kucinich and Swanson on 9/11

At the End US Wars Rally in Lafayette Park, Washington, D.C., I was able to ask a few questions of Ralph Nader, David Swanson, Dennis Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney after their speeches. Unfortunately, I deleted my video of McKinney by mistake, and held the camera sideways for the others (I now know video is not like photos...), so I only uploaded the audio w/ still clips for the others.

I had asked McKinney what she saw as the biggest challenges and opportunities for the 9/11 Truth Movement. She said she had supported NYCCAN and felt justice was disserved in the judge's decision to disallow it. She suggested that a People's Tribunal might be worth pursuing, but that something with legal authority would be best. She also said that she will be pursuing the issue if she gets reelected to Congress.

I particularly liked Ralph Nader's response when I asked about the biggest unanswered questions; he said, "Who's responsible?" is the biggest.

I asked Kucinich the status on his committee's investigation into 9/11, and he said that it is an issue he maintains an interest in- he has questions about pre-9/11 financial transactions- but that his committee has been swamped dealing with Wall Street investigations and the economic meltdown.

David Swanson said 9/11 has not been investigated, and a full investigation is an important issue.

Ralph Nader

Yes, I knew this will happen! - Okinawa Times printed Gage lecture's organizer's question

I knew it, I knew it! Media is listening to us!! Right, it's not a national paper, but a major one in Okinawa Prefecture. ;o)

This must help get a lot of people coming to fill the venue.
Thank you Makishi san and thank you Okinawa Times!!

Lecture in Ginowan on 13th
Chasing the mysteries of 9/11 tragedy

There's been a doubt that the WTC twin towers in NYC were planned to be destroyed by somebody, due to the way they fell straight down.

The night of September 12, 2001, I happened to put the TV on and saw a familiar building from portfolio of architecture burning. I turned the volume up thinking it was a movie like "The Towering Inferno" only to find out it was live.

I am still mystified to this day of the scene of the two buildings collapse vertically.

They say a commercial aircraft crashed into the Pentagon - the US Department of Defense, but there was no aircraft wreckage left at the scene.

The decade according to 9-year-olds [incl. 9/11, terrorism, the wars]

@ 4:15 - "What can you tell me about 9/11?"

@ 4:52 - "What is a terrorist?"

@ 5:24 - "Living during wartime"

@ 5:55 - "After discussing 9/11, terrorism and the wars, the children were asked about their biggest fears. Their answers were reminders that, above all, they are still 9-year-olds."


The decade according to 9-year-olds from allison louie-garcia on Vimeo.

Another miracle in Osaka!

As I wrote before, they had sold only twenty tickets early this week for the lecture in Osaka.

Besides, the organizer Tabuchi san got hospitalized with duodenal ulcer. Yumi says, "Telling the truth, I was worried" to open the door.

However, once it was open, people kept coming in, and the house was FULL!! Another miracle happened. On top, Tabuchi san got out of hospital, and fulfilled his responsibility as the organizer. I bet that article on the front page on Senri Times definitely helped. ;O)

They have now, Kobe and Okinawa events left. Kobe has got 25 seats reserved out of 70, but for Okinawa, it seems they haven't even sold 20 tickets when the capacity is 1,000. :o(

Local paper in Osaka introduced Richard Gage lecture

When the organizser of the lecture in Osaka got hospitalized(from too much work) while only twenty tickets have been sold, Senti Times in Osaka printed to notify citizens about Richard's lecture which is going to be held tonight!!

This is a real BIG NEWS! ;O)
Yumi says she's going to give away Richard's DVD on top of that special leaflet of 24 pages. DVD is available for up to 150/Osaka, 50/Kobe, and 100/Okinawa participants.

See the details of the lectures here.
And please tell others and encourage them to go and listen to him!!

Also, on top of several architects and engineers who attended Richard's lectures, he's met with Prof. Akira Wada of Tokyo Institute of Technology and Associate Prof. Daigoro Isobe of Tsukuba University.

Richard Gage Speaking at the National Diet of Japan 08DEC09

Mr. Fujita held a lecture with Richard Gage at the National Diet of Japan.

Mr. Fujita told us that 9 politicians and about 20 secretaries were to attend.
See what happened here.

Also, Yumi told us that Weekly Asahi, one of major weekly magazines(of Asahi Newspaper) in Japan came to interview Richard. When she reported this, they were already talking with Richard for FIVE HOURS!!

They were impressed with Richard's talk, they found there were many things they didn't know, and how convincing his talk was.

Yumi asked them if they're going to print it, they said "We came to interview because we are intending to write this" so let's wait and see!! ;O)

Now, the said videos:

Part 1

Richard Gage Making a HUGE difference on 911 Truth in Japan

Thank you Richard, Yumi, Fujita san, Dan, Josef, Gen, and so many others.
Keep rolling!!

Also, listen to new songs:

9-11 Was An Inside Job!!!
Conspiracy by Freddy Hirsch.

Both different from my

September 11th was an Inside Job!

but they will hopefully help wake up younger generations. ;O)
Here a few more pohotos from Tokyo, then report from Yumi and Dan.

9/11 Truth books on sale at the conference in Tokyo

Participants of the conference in Tokyo raising their hands

Special leaflets available only at the conference in Tokyo

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Kitchener 911 Truth Street Action October 11 2009

*Due to technical difficulties our October 9/11 truth action video has just come out.*

Handing out "911 Blueprint for Truth 2008 edition" DVDs to local area citizens in the Kitchener area. We interviewed an engineer who has signed the petition at ae911truth.org who came all the way from Stratford in support of Kitchener 9/11 truth and our cause. Later we traveled to our neighbouring city Waterloo to CIGI (Centre for International Governance Innovation) which is the Canadian equivalent to the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) in the United States. We walked around the building and decided to truth bomb their Sunday newspapers.

Explosions Rocked South Tower reported before collapse on 911–Wiki Leaks time stamped pager data

Time Stamped Pager Data reveals rocking explosions prior to collapse of South Tower...consistent with controlled demolition technique.

2001-09-11 09:57:21 Arch [1604987] C ALPHA Y! y-alerts@yah|Explosion rocks second World Trade Center tower.

2001-09-11 09:57:57 Skytel [007510237] D ALPHA Y! || Explosion rocks second World Trade Center tower.

2001-09-11 09:58:03 Skytel [007518978] A ALPHA Y! || Explosion rocks second World Trade Center tower.

2001-09-11 09:58:03 Skytel [007513738] C ALPHA Y! || Explosion rocks second World Trade Center tower.

2001-09-11 09:58:31 Skytel [007527424] A ALPHA Y! || Explosion rocks second World Trade Center tower.

2001-09-11 09:58:33 Skytel [003917330] A ALPHA There has been explosions at the world trede center in N.Y. and at the Pentagon . WE HAVE NOT HEARD ANYTHING ABOUT A

2001-09-11 09:58:33 Skytel [007516059] C ALPHA y-alerts@yahoo-inc.com|| Explosion rocks second World Trade Center tower.

2001-09-11 09:58:37 Skytel [007009459] A ALPHA Y! || Explosion rocks second World Trade Center tower.

A Call to Action

This is many ways could be a more important opportunity than the tenth anniversary.

Does anyone remember when the Alex Jones crowd overpowered the corporate media at the Democratic National Convention last year?

We need this to happen outside the courthouse where KSM will be tried, a thousand times over what we saw at the DNC.

While those corporate pundits are standing there getting paid millions to keep us in the dark, we will use our voices and several bullhorns and overwhelm the corporate airwaves with truth!

At a point when many Americans have a "it was a long time ago" attitude about 9/11 and even the corporate media doesn't talk about it much, this is a golden opportunity.

Mobilize and Overwhelm!

Ruppert’s “Collapse”; Asleep, Deceived or Just Plain Deception?

By Michael Murphy

Michael Ruppert is admired by many for his pioneering work on issues such as the 911 truth movement, his exposure of the CIA’s connection to major drug smuggling operations into the U.S. and his research into the Pat Tillman murder case. It is apparent to many that he has committed his life to exposing the truth about important issues that affect many around the world today. I recently had the opportunity to attend the premier of Ruppert’s new documentary “Collapse”, which Ruppert not only attended but also granted a question and answer session after the showing.

Response to Christopher Ketcham's take on Bob Baer (CIA)

Response to:

The Education of Bob Baer
Unlearning the CIA

Ketcham keeps bolstering the Big Lie by pretending that the incompetence theory of 9/11 has merit. In numerous ways he defends the criminal actions of high level players who have a long history of helping terrorists and funding their networks. While admitting to such practices in the distant past, Ketchum ignores the period leading up to 9/11 as well as the present.

What Ketcham should have grilled Baer about is terrorism by proxy: ISI and Saudi intelligence in particular, (MI6, BND and Mossad also engage in this practice).

It is no longer even denied that ISI created and protected "Al Qaeda," and assists the Taliban to this day, nor is it reasonable to deny that the USA funds the ISI.

Much credible evidence links the Saudi government to the 9/11 hijackers, and we don't hear anything about that, despite Senator Graham's open admissions of the facts. FBI surveillance showed links between a Saudi agent and the Saudi embassy, as he assisted hijackers in San Diego.

FDNY 9/11 Reports: WTC 7 'Collapse' Foreknowledge

These are quotes that reveal foreknowledge of the collapse of WTC 7- from FDNY reports in the 9/11 Commission records, in Box 18 of the Team 9 (aka Team 8)/New York City Series.

"Ordered to evacuate 7 WTC because of collapse hazard." (pg 2)

"Ordered to assist with hose stretch and operation in 7 WTC until ordered out of building due to possible collapse." (pg 2)

"Lad. 85 then ordered to West & Vesey for extrication duties.Ordered to evacuate this
position due to 7 WTC instability. Lad. 85 took a standby position pending this collapse
on West St. Upon collapse of 7 WTC Lad.85 deployed on Greenwich St. extingushing
numerous auto & debris fires making a way to the north side (see page 2)" (pg 45)

"We supplimented with another hydrant and supplied TL 119 in extinguishing the fire @ 5 WTC Until 7 WTC was in danger of collapsing" (pg 7)

New 9/11 Truth-Related Novel: No Place to Run

Thomas B. Sawyer, novelist

Conspiracy on the run

By Pam Linn
Wednesday, October 14, 2009 12:19 PM PDT

In his new thriller, “No Place to Run,” Malibu writer Tom Sawyer lays out the mother of all conspiracies. But this is not new territory for the veteran television writer who plots his narrative like a movie script, scene by scene, into a terrifying tale that grabs the reader from page one and never lets up.

As conspiracy theories go, this one is gripping as much for the way the innocent young protagonists are caught in its web as for the fact that it all could have happened just that way.