ABC's "Path to 9/11" and the Liberal Blogosphere

The Liberal Blogosphere is up in arms right now over ABC's faux-documentary "Path to 9/11", and rightfully so. The only contributors to the film were conservatives. It was produced by Rush Limbaugh's friend. And Kean was the only 9/11 Commissioner to be a contributor. Oh, and they made fake scenes.

But the blogger's arguments are that the movie should have been based off of the "9/11 Commission Report". The fatal flaw in their argument is that they don't trust Kean for "Path to 9/11", but they trust him for the 9/11 Commission - Which he was Co-Commissioner of !!!

The other major flaw in the bloggers responses is that they are only fighting for the immediate future. They don't understand the larger picture that is taking place. I think this propaganda movie, in conjunction with Bush now wanting to try KSM and others (behind closed doors) for 9/11, they are trying to get out ahead of the 9/11 Truth movement before we break through. The Administration is setting the ground work for the next 2 1/2 years...they know we are gaining strength everyday.

If they weren't worried about our movement, they would have just made another film for ABC that put out the common wisdom of the 9/11 Commission. They took a risk with this ABC film because they know they're in trouble.


I think the way to aproach this situation is two fold.

  • We need to pressure the bloggers to watch "9/11: Press for Truth". It's coming out this week. This is a film that will help break down the universal thought that the 9/11 Commission is the end all solution and final chapter to 9/11. And most of all, the film is accessable. Not in-your-face like Loose Change is. (I still like LC though...let's not fight about that)
  • I think the issue of Pakistan and bin Laden should be pressed (which is done in "9/11 Press for Truth").
    • Obviously the Pakistan/CIA/ISI connection is a smoking gun. That info needs to get out there more.
    • But the recent revelation (in the Washington Post) that bin Laden isn't wanted by the FBI for 9/11 is something that I could really see the bloggers pushing. In addition to the news that Pakistan is giving safe-haven to the Taliban (or not) and the closing down of the CIA unit assigned to capturing him. All of this really helps break down the myth of bin Laden

So how are we going to go about this?