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Infowars: Wolfowitz: U.S. Confidence Hinges on Another ‘Crisis’

Wolfowitz: U.S. Confidence Hinges on Another ‘Crisis’

Former Deputy Secretary of Defense argues that America’s leadership role in the post-Bush world may depend upon ‘how threatening the world appears’

Aaron Dykes - Infowars.com - July 15, 2008

In a response to PNAC associate Robert Kagan, former Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz has suggested that a ‘compelling crisis’ such as Pearl Harbor or 9/11 may help bolster America’s stature in the world, which, Wolfowitz clearly hints, has been damaged by the Bush administration:

America’s future leadership role may depend even more on how threatening the world appears. Historically, that leadership role has often emerged out of a compelling crisis: Pearl Harbour, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the Iran hostage crisis, Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, or the attacks of 9/11.

Such a role would imply even more U.S. troops around the world and the need to maintain and even expand the state of crisis. In other words, it would be a continuation of the so-called ‘Wolfowitz Doctrine,’ a military-first approach to world dominance where the U.S. would function unilaterally as a pre-emptive security arm for world conflicts. However, despite Wolfowitz’s pre-war boast that Iraqis would "greet us as liberators," the phony WMDs episode has likely soured public support for such pre-emptive action.


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Tons of interesting stories rolling out from Alex Jones' news sites. Thanks to Chris and Aaron for sending them in:

Bloomberg Confronted as Camera Ban Set for Enforcement
Aaron Dykes / JonesReport.com | August 2, 2007

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was confronted outside of his Manhattan residence yesterday. Reporters affiliated with WeAreChange.org and Infowars.com tried to ask Bloomberg if his new film policy is meant to be an attack on the First Amendment, which is demonstrably the case...



A Moment of Pause in the Life of New York's Police State
Aaron Dykes / JonesReport.com | August 3, 2007

Mini-feature Police State & Critical Mass in New York peers into the reality of daily conditioning on the city's streets and examines the casual disposal of Constitutional rights by NYPD officers everywhere as the theoretical light of an ideal New York has dimmed and, surely, freedom with it...



History Channel Back-Peddles On 9/11 Hit Piece
Steve Watson Infowars.net Friday, August 3, 2007

The makers of an upcoming two hour hit piece on the 9/11 truth movement have back peddled and altered the program description on their website after Infowars highlighted the blatant biased agenda of the piece and its multiple corporate conflicts of interest...



Reporters Booted Out of Michelle Obama Event
JonesReport.com | August 3, 2007

Reporters from WeAreChange Seattle were asked to leave a Michelle Obama event after being told that no press was allowed. Based on the video, it had less to do with a media policy and more to do with being handled by protective staff.

WeAreChange briefly caught the wife of presidential candidate Barack Obama outside after the event while holding signs that read "9/11 Truth Seeking Leads to Peace," an appeal to the shared anti-war sentiment with many Democrats and liberals...


Pelosi Says "No" to a New 9/11 Investigation, Claims Close Collaboration with Victim's Families on 9/11 Bill Passage

Pelosi Says "No" to a New 9/11 Investigation, Claims Close Collaboration with Victim's Families on 9/11 Bill Passage
9/11 Investigation Also Off the Table For Speaker Who Refuses to Impeach Bush

Aaron Dykes / JonesReport.com | July 31, 2007

Newport, Rhode Island - Reporters affiliated with WeAreChange.org and Infowars.com confronted Speaker Nancy Pelosi about a new 9/11 investigation just after the passage of the 9/11 Bill, which only increases already strict security measures, particularly in airports.

Pelosi rattled off a quick, "No, no, no" to the idea of a new 9/11 investigation before changing the subject to claim that she "worked closely with the victims' families" and that they supposedly wanted the recent legislation.

Not only were many families of 9/11 victims disappointed with the 9/11 Commission's findings, many 9/11 survivors were outraged that their testimony had been omitted or distorted in the final report. Recommendations by the 9/11 Commission, which were the basis of this legislation, only obscured the lingering questions that families wanted answered in the first place.

Furthermore, nearly all of the victims' families want a new investigation and a large number of families believe 9/11 was an inside job, including Bill Doyle, the head of the largest 9/11 victim's families group.


Thanks, Aaron and Chris for submitting this.

FEMA Runs from Confrontation on WTC7 and Camps

FEMA Runs from Confrontation on WTC7 and Camps

FEMA Admits Role of Informing, Monitoring and Controlling Media During Emergency Operations Like the September 11 Attacks

Aaron Dykes / JonesReport.com | July 24, 2007

New York - Reporters from WeAreChange.org and Infowars.com confronted high ranking officials from FEMA on the agency's involvement in misinformation on 9/11 as well as the existence of many hundreds of FEMA camps across the country and in most major cities-- something officials obviously didn't want to discuss.

One such official, Henry Jackson, was working in WTC Building 7 up until its collapse on 9/11. He currently serves as Deputy Commissioner for Technology and spoke at the public event.

FEMA officials briefed the audience on hazard plans for covering "most scenarios," including operations to corral media into centralized reporting locations, monitoring media feeds and "controlling information." That includes informing the public about ongoing emergency situations.

The FEMA chieftan also discussed evacuation on 9/11 and spoke about FEMA's prime role in providing updates on the situation throughout the crisis. Hundreds of police and fire fighters, as well as former Mayor Giuliani were told beforehand that Building 7 would be 'coming down.' Additionally, several media stations, including the BBC and CNN reported the improbable collapse of WTC7 more than twenty minutes before the building actually fell. FEMA explained in its presentation that one of its chief duties is providing information to the media, as well as monitoring and correcting, if necessary, reports by the media.


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We Are Change Confronts Newt Gingrich

EDIT: Aaron Dykes at the Jones Report also covers this story and offers his analysis:
Newt: Anyone Who Believes 9/11 Was Not an Enemy Attack is Insane

WeAreChange.org News
July 20,2007
Mike Knarr

On July 19, 2007 Newt Gingrich was at Stabler Arena on the campus of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. He was speaking at Impact 07 which was raising money for local kid's programs. While signing autographs Mike Knarr from WeAreChange asked Newt whether he knew some of the high ranking military people who have gone on the record regarding 9/11. He acted as if he did know some of the names and didn't react negatively to the names but when told what the names were in regards to, his body language changed and he said they were "insane".