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Weldon: Pentagon Report a Whitewash

Representative Curt Weldon has called the Pentagon's report that the hijackers were not identified and tracked prior to 9/11 through the Able Danger program a "whitewash".

Newsmax ran this story on Friday:

WASHINGTON -– Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa., called a Pentagon report he had requested about pre-9/11 intelligence on al-Qaida operations in the United States "emphatically wrong" and a "whitewash," aimed at discrediting him as he faces the toughest re-election campaign of his career.

The report was leaked to the press on Wednesday, but Weldon was not briefed on its contents until Thursday afternoon, despite his instrumental role in requesting the investigation.

"What really upset me was they actually released information to the media before they even met with me or anyone else," Weldon told NewsMax on Thursday.

The report, conducted by the Pentagon Inspector General, investigated claims brought to Weldon's office by active duty military officers and other Defense Department officials about information they had developed on al-Qaida cells in the United States more than one year before the Sept. 11 attacks on America.

Able Danger

As John Albanese pointed out in regards to Able Danger, there is more reason not to believe the Inspector General's report than there is to believe it.

Everything I have on Able Danger and Rep. Curt Weldon.

Truth be told, since Weldon was recently claiming that Osama died in IRAN, and claimed that there are WMD in Iraq, and refused to meet me for lunch, I have a problem with Able Danger. That's not to say I don't think it's incriminating. I have met Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer, and he seems nice enough, and sincere enough.

Incidentally, I once delivered the following to Weldon's office.

Think he read or watched it?

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John Albanese

“The Pentagon inspector general's office said Thursday that a review of records from the unit, known as Able Danger, found no evidence it had identified ringleader Mohamed Atta or any other terrorist who participated in the 2001 attacks.”


§ The Pentagon acknowledged publicly, that they had identified five defense employees who either vividly remember identifying Mohammed Atta prior to 9/11 or seeing his name linked with a Brooklyn cell prior to 9/11.

§ Scott Philpott (ph), a Navy commanding officer, commander one of the USA’s naval warships, an Annapolis graduate, has come out publicly and risked his entire career to testify under oath that he specifically remembers identifying Mohammed Atta in January and February of 2000, specifically; that he would stake his career on it. And that he was the leader of Able Danger.

§ Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer, a Bronze Star 23-year military veteran, testified under oath before the Senate that as a DIA liaison to Special Forces Command for Able Danger, he attempted to present information to the FBI on three occasions in September of 2000 about the Brooklyn cell and Mohammed Atta.