accessories Hamburg terrorist cell trial

Motassadeq, Yarkas, Moussaoui

My local German paper says today that Motassadeq has been tried yet again (for the 3rd or 4th time) and (again, after contradictory findings previously) been found guilty as an accessory to murder in 3000 cases(on 911) and sentenced to 15 years in prison. He apparently knew Mohammed Atta in Hamburg. I know of no other evidence. The case has been "problematic" (to say the least) from the beginning because the U.S. has refused and still refuses to allow two key witnesses to testify, who are being held in secret prisons! The latter little fact, interestingly, is not mentioned in the NYT/AP coverage.

Yarkas is a similar case--got 15 years in a Spanish court. What has happened to Moussaoui? All these guys have been tried and convicted (at least Yarkas and Motassadeq) of being accessories to 911, all with scant (or non-existant?) evidence--which would have to be the case since there is little or no evidence that the people they supposedly were accessories to had anything to do with 911!

I suspect that these trials and convictions (and lack of evidence) are going unreported in the US because 911 truthers would start saying, "Hey, if it's so clear that these guys were accessories, how come there's so much doubt about who the hijackers were--or if there were any--in this country?"