9/11 Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

On July 23, 2010 Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein published an order terminating motions in the 9/11 wrongful death cases of Barbara Keating and Sara Low.

After languishing in his court for years and being told by their attorneys that they had almost no chance of getting a trial on liability, a proposed settlement was proffered in Keating v. American Airlines, Inc. and Low v. U.S. Airways, Inc. Unfortunately the good judge essentially sat on the motions for several months, neither ruling for or against them.

Can you imagine how the Keating and Low families felt? After all this time a settlement is finally agreed upon by both the plaintiffs and the defendants and what does Hellerstein do? Nothing! He simply refuses to rule either way.

It was not a case of the plaintiffs withdrawing before approval could be granted. Rather, it was that approval, nor for that matter disapproval, was simply not forthcoming. After twisting in the wind for so long and having all their efforts to establish a public archive squashed, the Low family, in particular, was devastated.

9/11's False Elvis

The New York Times recently published a profile of Alvin K. Hellerstein, the judge charged with overseeing the litigation stemming from the 9/11 World Trade Center attack. In it the judge was cited for his empathy towards the victims’ families and his commitment to transparency, when in fact just the opposite has been true in the wrongful death cases. One WTC responder has even gone so far as to glowingly refer to Hellerstein as the “Elvis of the 9/11 community.”

Legal experts believe that the judge may see his handling of the 9/11 litigation as his legacy. There is evidence to support that when you see how often he has been cited in the press, saying that he has a very strong policy in favor of public records and accountability. He’s also said, with reference to the property cases, that he would prefer more open records and that he might even consider unsealing them.

It would appear that the good judge certainly talks the talk, but does he walk the walk or do his rulings reveal that his comments are more specious rhetoric than a true commitment to transparency?

Day Two- Trial of Splitting the Sky Versus George W. Bush

Splitting the Sky

At the trial on Monday, the police officer who arrested Splitting the Sky (John Boncore) said that he was "protecting Spitting the Sky” from Bush's guards. He went on to say that Bush's protectors carry “lethal weapons” and that they would have used them to kill the accused man had the police not intercepted him. The questions raised by the police officer's testimony were not raised by the defense nor the prosecution. The presiding Judge Manfred Delong, denied the defenses plea too allow for a distinction between “Obstructing a Police Officer” and “Preventing a Police Officer from Performing his Duty.”

Turley: 'God help us' if torture only gets a '9/11 commission'

"God help us if the only thing we get out of this is a commission modeled on 9/11," Turley commented. "That was a commission that was really made for Washington -- a commission composed of political appointees of both parties that ran interference for those parties -- a commission that insisted at the beginning it would not impose blame on individuals. So it's the ideal Washington commission -- a commission that would investigate without any reprecussions."
Turley: 'God help us' if torture only gets a '9/11 commission'
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Wednesday April 22, 2009

The recent release of Bush administration torture memos has given rise to calls for prosecution of the Justice Department lawyers who wrote those memos. However, law professor Jonathan Turley believes that this may represent a deliberate attempt to draw attention away from George Bush, Dick Cheney, and the other high Bush administration officials who ordered the torture.

An emerging progressive consensus on Obama's executive power and secrecy abuses - Glenn Greenwald

An emerging progressive consensus on Obama's executive power and secrecy abuses - Glenn Greenwald

Intro excerpt:

"In the last week alone, the Obama DOJ (a) attempted to shield Bush's illegal spying programs from judicial review by (yet again) invoking the very "state secrets" argument that Democrats spent years condemning and by inventing a brand new "sovereign immunity" claim that not even the Bush administration espoused, and (b) argued that individuals abducted outside of Afghanistan by the U.S. and then "rendered" to and imprisoned in Bagram have no rights of any kind -- not even to have a hearing to contest the accusations against them -- even if they are not Afghans and were captured far away from any "battlefield." These were merely the latest -- and among the most disturbing -- in a string of episodes in which the Obama administration has explicitly claimed to possess the very presidential powers that Bush critics spent years condemning as radical, lawless and authoritarian.

How To Stop The New World Order

How To Stop The New World Order

And so it begins...

You Have The Right To Remain Silent.
But We Hope You Won't.

We are the ones we are waiting for.

FLASHBACK! : Obama Addresses 9/11 Government Complicity

Obama Addresses 9/11 Government Complicity

Possible President responds to an Infowars reader

Steve Watson
Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thank you for contacting me regarding your belief that the U.S. government was complicit in the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. I appreciate hearing your passionate views on this matter.

Obama’s First Problem is US War Crimes By Andrew Sullivan November 30, 2008 "The Times"

A glimmer of hope here? And later, a segue into a real 9/11 investigation?

It's up to us (those living a truthful reality - not the one created by the Bush team) to rally the citizens to demand justice and accountability from the Bush crime family, and then work towards 9/11 Truth justice as more info is exposed to those currently unaware or in denial Americans . . .

We'll have a short window of opportunity here to help hold Obama's feet to the fire once he's in. A grassroot's pressure needs to begin now, as it is, and grow quickly through January, assuming something else doesn't happen (as it usually does) to alter our eyes on the ball . . .

Obama’s First Problem is US War Crimes

The president-elect has to take a stand on Bush’s dark legacy

By Andrew Sullivan

Bones, By John S. Hatch November 27, 2008


By John S. Hatch

November 27, 2008 "Information Clearinghouse" --- It is generally considered a courtesy for a newly inaugurated President to overlook any sins of the past incumbent in the interests of 'looking ahead' and in the knowledge that the same good manners will be repeated after his/her own end of term.

The most extreme example of this was Gerald Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon after the latter's ignominious resignation. Arguably necessary for the health of the nation after its 'long nightmare', it was nevertheless handled badly, and Ford paid a price by becoming a one-term President.

Not to trivialize Nixon's crimes (and part of the flawed pardon process meant there was no allocution, no admission of guilt, no mention of the many crimes besides Watergate), the three articles of impeachment mentioned the actual break-in, cover-up, including the payment 'hush money', misuse of the FBI and IRS, ignoring subpoenas, spying, and such matters (remind you of anyone?).

Engineer Demands 9/11 Truth Police Chief

I am forwarding the following I received from Donald C. Meserlian, P.E., from New Jersey, who has signed in support of the petition at as a professional engineer.

His action can be duplicated by anyone, and he welcomes feedback on attempts to challenge those taking sworn oaths to uphold and defend the US Constitution. His information, in contrast to the work of Dr. Judy Wood, shows indisputable evidence of building-take-downs on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York City.

Don Meserlian's organization's web site is at

# # #

9/11 Accountability Conference on the Radio Today

Today will be the first of six (6) radio spots to announce and explain the 9/11 Accountability Conference to take place in Chandler, AZ on the weekend of Feb 23-25, 2007. These spots will be on the Truth to Power Hour with Jeff Farias from 4 to 4:30 pm Mountain (6 P.M. Eastern) each Saturday until 2/24 when the three (3) hour show will be broadcast live from the conference. Arizona is in the Mountain Time Zone during this time of the year.

Today the show will feature Meria Heller (The Meria Heller Show, and Kent Knudson (9/11 Truth of AZ and Chair of the 9/11 Accountability Conference). You can listen live on your computer at or on your radio at 1480 AM in the Phoenix area. Call in numbers are 602-258-8800 (local) and 800-989-1480 (out of town).
More information about the conference can be found at ... ... or ... 602-714-1174.
Demand Accountability !!