Open Government Dialogue - Speak, Vote, for 9/11 Truth

There is an Open Government Dialogue Website (at , and a limited window of opportunity to put forward and vote on ideas to-

strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness by making government more transparent, participatory, and collaborative...

Less than 5000 people have logged in and participated in the submission and voting on 500 or so idea submissions. The one most relevant to the 9/11 Truth Community begins like this:

Have a "REAL" investigation into 911 not some whitewash commission!

2. Support the "First" responders in NY City!

3. Give American's a "REAL" Bailout!

4. Dissolve the following ACTS $ stop *.* spying on Americans:
*The Military Commission Act 2006
*The John Warner Act 2007
*The Protect America Act of 2007

5. Prosecute anyone who had anything to do with the Bush torture program to include civilian psychologist!

6. Address the (TI) "Targeted Individual" issue here in the U.S.

(at )