WIRED Magazine is looking for user-submitted conspiracy theories

WIRED magazine, in the new issue, ran a story about conspiracy theories. Naturally they mentioned 9/11 in the way you'd expect a mainstream publication to mention it:

The US Government Was Behind 9/11
Or Jews. Or Jews in the US government. The documentary Loose Change claimed to find major flaws in the official story — like the dearth of plane debris at the site of the Pentagon blast and that jet fule alone could never vaporize a whole 757. Judge for yourself: After Popular Mechanics debunked the theory, the magazine's editors faced off with proponents in a debate, available on YouTube.

Fortunately, they give readers an opportunity to submit new conspiracy theories. So why not submit the theory that we all can probably agree is the wildest - that 19 Arabs took down the world's superpower.

I'm not going to link to the URL to give them this website in their server's referrer logs. Just go to, click "Read Magazine" in the site menu, then click "THE BEST: CONSPIRACY THEORIES" in the upper sidebar.

Let's give WIRED some really wild theories!

5 Minute Strike

The 9/11 General Strike was a great idea, but it didn't work.

Why not? Because not enough people participated. It didn't send a message loud enough for the tyrants to notice. It didn't put a dent in the corporate machinery or the "bottom line" or the machinery of government.

The problem wasn't getting the word out. The General Strike was advertised really well. The problem, instead, was that many people (including most Americans) were too comfortable and not motivated enough to take a whole day off from work, from shopping or from school.

But if we don't strike and protest in large numbers, then -- given how worthless both blue and red politicians are -- the slide towards fascism will continue until it is complete.

So are we helpless? No. I think people just aren't pissed off enough yet to pour out into the streets. We have to do a better job of educating people about what's really going on.

City Councilman Criticizes Reporter as 9/11 "Conspiracy" Advocate

What Really Happened has the goods.

Riverdale Review Staff

City Councilman G. Oliver Koppell will not humor a conspiracy theorist.

On Sunday, September 9, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn visited the Riverdale Jewish Community Council's annual street fair. As part of her visit, she sat down with reporter Paulette Schneider of the Riverdale Review and reporter Manny Grossman of the Riverdale Press.

Grossman interviewed Quinn first, and during his discussion with the speaker, he brought up the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center of Septermber 11, 2001, during which almost 3,000 people- including several Riverdalians-perished at the hands of Osama Bin Laden's Al- Qaeda terrorist organization.

9/8 9/9 European 9/11 Action!

Greetings to anyone who follows my blog here somewhat...

We've been quite busy this weekend! We spent about 6 hours demonstrating yesterday (Saturday 8 Sept.) in The Hague with a half dozen people. Easily more than 1,000 flyers were handed out, and probably close to 500 or more DVDs. Today we joined the European-wide march through Brussels, and have some preliminary video footage available for that as well.


The Hague (9/8/07):

Brussels (9/9/07):

LAST CALL For Action in THE HAGUE TOMORROW (Saturday, September 8, 12:00 noon)

Hey folks, it's finally time! Now we're not going to have a huge demonstration or protest, but there are around a dozen of us heading to The Hague tomorrow afternoon (Saturday, September 8 at 12:00 noon). This is the last call for anyone else out there who is in the area and wants to come help. The Hague is just 45 minutes from Amsterdam, Utrecht, and a half hour from Rotterdam. Anyone in the area should really hop on a train and join up with us if at all possible. We have permission from the police in writing, so there are absolutely no worries about anything going wrong. Bring your tshirts, flyers, DVDs, and other 9/11 Truth or related paraphernalia. See you tomorrow! (If you are coming and reading this, please send me an email at We have told the police we have 15 people showing up, so if any more are coming I need to know so I can tell them when I arrive in the morning. Note: Please DO NOT arrive BEFORE 12:00. Better 5 minutes late than early.)


Are You Ready for the Next 9/11? Here's How to Take Action Now

This just crossed my screen: IS 21st AUGUST 2007 THE DATE OF THE NEXT 9/11 ???"

Talk about last-minute notice. I'm dropping everything to put up some Next 9/11 Action Labels on my site so activists can sticker them around now -- whether or not there is a false flag terror attack tomorrow.

The centerpiece is a bit of artwork with icons saying
CIA + 9/11 = DIY.
See it at

Quickest will be to print out your own labels using this art and stick them in phone booths, public bathrooms, on bulletin boards etc. Insert this image into a document and print out labels using your own text. If you don't have adhesive label paper, use plain paper and clear tape.

For instance, with one line of text, "9/11 Was an Inside Job. Like 3/11, 7/7 & the Next One........"
You can write in the date when it happens on the dotted line.
Or 3 lines: "Remember 9/11 Was an Inside Job. Like 3/11, 7/7 -- and the Next One......... Don't Let Terrorists Take Away Your Freedom." (See )

Stark Raving Mad

The We Are Change folks, and people like Gypsy Taub, are super-heroes*.

But we can all be super-heroes.

Here's an example, from Charlottesville weekly C-Ville, of someone else doing the same thing. Its not about 9/11, but we can apply the same attitude to 9/11 activism.

Stark raving mad

While the national media can sometimes be a lamb, Mike Stark, local left-wing blogger, is always a lion


For all the hand-wringing in the establishment media about the supposedly insidious influence of bloggers on the national political scene, little is known about who these people are outside of their online world.

Charlottesville's Mike Stark is a case in point. The proprietor of the blog "Calling All Wingnuts," Stark is fairly well known in the "blogosphere," and he has a more significant impact, thanks to an online "butterfly-effect," on national politics than one might think.

Who's Censoring 9/11 Truth at Wikipedia?

With the new Wiki Scanner, you can find out for yourself.

See this Wired article for background.

Post censorship of 9/11 stories here

Pledge: No False Flags or Martial Law

While politicians such as Cheney might be involved in ordering a false flag, it is folks in the military and police that will either carry it out -- or, if it is private contractors as opposed to active-duty military/law enforcement who would be tasked to carry it out -- in the best position to stop it.

So let's present a pledge card to every member of the military, law enforcement, and also politicians which says that they pledge:

- They will protect and defend the American people and the Constitution

- They will not themselves carry out a false flag attack

- They will not help others to carry out a false flag

- They will do everything in their power to stop others from conducting a false flag

Honk for Justice and After Downing Street are organizing what appears to be a very successful campaign to "honk for impeachment".

Should we organize a "honk for justice" campaign?

We could have "HONK For Justice" on one side of signs, and the other could list some of the crimes we're seeking justice for:

- 9/11

- Lying US into war

- Spying on us

- Torture

Wear Orange for Truth

World Can't Wait has launched an action urging everyone to wear orange in order to protest the torture inflicted on the Constitution, our country, and the world by the Neocons.

Let's hook into this action by wearing orange 9/11 truth ribbons. I'm hoping that this will help provide social proof that 9/11 truth is cool.

We've got some very talented graphic designers in the truth movement. Let's post the best designs here.

Call White House About 9/11

Someone posted confidential, internal telephone numbers within the White House. A summary is posted at Correntewire, and the full directory is here.

The blog that broke this story suggests (speaking about the Scooter Libby pardon) that you try the highest-ranking person, then go down the list to lower and lower ranking people until someone picks up the phone.

Why not call regarding 9/11?

Think carefully about what you want to say ahead of time, be polite on the phone, and make an impact.

Mission Impossible: Jon Stewart

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

convert Jon Stewart to 9/11 truth.

This guy is brilliant. If you need any evidence, watch this.

Surveys show that most young people get their news from Jon Stewart and late night comedy shows like Jay Leno. If we can wake Jon Stewart up to the truth, he will be an ENORMOUS force for good.

Organgutan says:

"Jon Stewart's message board is the only way I know how to contact that show:

Contact Stephen Colbert's webmaster:
This email address gives the auto-reply:"

Huff it

Please vote for the story "Structural Engineers Question Collapse of the World Trade Center" HERE.

6 votes and it makes the front page.


"Highly Credible People Question 9/11" is posted at Huffington.

Please vote for that story right here to give people some easy-to-use info.

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