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Ryback Bullhorns WATE (ABC) Channel 6 - Knoxville, TN June 11th, 2007

Check out my site for more info about this event, it was done with not much advance notice, so we only had a total of three people at this action event. We did get the news director to come out though, he now has his own copy of 911 Mysteries, links, and info to research. He says he will, we'll see.


Better late then never, 911 Action on the 11th!!

Hey Truthers, finally finished a short video of my contribution to the 911 Yard Sign Campaign http://www.911yardsign.com and Action on the 11th. Better late then never, hope this is informative and inspirational to all.

For those of you interested in the FBI link referenced to in the video and sign here is it for your convenience: http://www.fbi.gov/wanted/topten/fugitives/laden.htm


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Tony Nicer May 11th 2007:Luke Rudkowski gives us updates Silverstien thug gets fired for calling in fake bomb threat on Luke.

On May 11th I interviewed Luke as he gave us updates in the "911 was an inside job" room on Paltalk.com. Silverstein Security Thug Loses Job for calling in Fake bomb threat on Luke. Hear Luke tell it as it happened.

Tony and Luke 5-11-7wearechange luke gives updates to 911 was an inside job chat room paltalk.com.mp3

This is the thug that got fired see what he did.

Join Paltalk.com "911 was an inside job room" go to http://myspace.com/hiphopcrusade for directions on how to down load program.

Westchester NY "Chapter" of 9/11 Truth Movement seeks new members

If anyone from Wetschester County NY is interested in peaceful 9/11 Truth Activism, please contact me at westchester911truth@gmail.com or visit www.westchester911truth.org.


Mark Dice's 9/11 Truth Jam - Winnipeg Entry

Up in the north Midwest, jamming the University of Manitoba with free DVDs for students, books for the professors.

SF 9-11 Truth Rocked It!

Just got back from a hefty day of bullhorning in downtown San Francisco. The protest spread throughout the day. I arrived part way through the protest and joined in with about 20 individuals with 3 bullhorns. Our protesting at the federal building was a great success. No police or homeland security who drove by said a thing. It was when we protested at KRON tv studios that a cop approached me and asked us for a noise permit. The cop was very down to earth and even apologetic. He said we wouldn't be arrested, just fined with a citation. Over all the event was great. We handed out tons of DVD's and talked to a lot of random interested folks. The only people I heard any negative stuff from were a couple of people driving by yelling or actual bums some of whom the police actually told to step back from us. The individuals I met where all well spoken and had learned about 9/11 in a lot of different ways. I was also excited to meet some people who had just learned about this a few months ago. I watched Road to Tyranny back in 02 and it's amazing to see people still reacting instantly and honestly to the truth.

Los Angeles Actions: (1) Saturday - April 14th Earth Day Demo! [15,000 expected) (2) LA Times Book Festival (April 28th & 29th)

Click for video message from Peter Thottam;

Above 911Truth Los Angeles Google video link : In the above March 2007 video clip, Peter Thottam, an attorney & Green Party activist with 9/11 Truth LA, comments at a national March 2007 9/11 conference on the progress of the 9/11 movement, it's connections to various political parties, pro-peace/anti-war groups, and the range of individual actions that citizens can and are taking across this great nation.

April 14th & 28th/29th Outreach Organizational Meeting: 911Truth LA
- Saturday @ 1:00 - 2:30 pm -
911TruthLA will have the first of its now regular monthly meetings, this first Saturday of the Month. Light Refreshments and discussions about local 911Truth actions. 1:00 AM to 2:30 PM. The Location? --> The Unurban Café located at 3301 Pico Blvd (@Pico & 33rd, Santa Monica, just west of Bundy and Pico) . Please call Peter at (310) 497-7255 for more details. < peterthottam@yahoo.com>. www.911truth.us.

Found this nice picture over there at afterdowningstreet.org

Chapter 23 of the Veterans for Peace participating in the 4th Anniversar of the Invasion of Iraq march. SUV with 9/11 Truth messages heading down East St. in Rochester, NY on 18 March 2007.


Bigger picture:


It seems that afterdowningstreet.org is more open for 911 truth lately.

This week Visibility 9-11 welcomes Matt Sullivan, publisher of the Rock Creek Free Press


This week Visibility 9-11 welcomes Matt Sullivan, member of DC911truth.org and the publisher of the Rock Creek Free Press, a new newspaper published in Washington and focusing heavily on the 9-11 cover-up. Matt is yet one more example of the impact that one person can have and I urge all patriotic Americans to follow Matt's lead and use their talents and gifts to spread the truth.


Highlighting music from Myspace Music-

Intermission music by Ramon

Ending music by Cultural Relativity

dc911truth.org introduces 911truthsquads.org

dc911truth.org, with direction from Webster Tarpley, has created a new website dedicated to the concept of 911 truth squads to take the message of 911 truth to political campaigns and public events called 911truthsquads.org. The site will have information on how to create your own 911 truth squads, and we welcome any input or comments.

Together, we are truly unstoppable!!!

Let's all get active before we all get radioactive....

E-Mail Project

Welcome to the information age!

It seems that all cities and towns are getting into the swing of things. Moving into the information age. If you look you can find that nearly every city over 10,000 people now has a website. And on those websites is all the necessary information needed to contact the city officials. I want that information. It is time to speak to the top.

What I need is people who are willing to invest some time to go to these sites and gather all these e-mail addresses of all these city officials so we can create a mass mailing list. When I get these addresses I can send the message that we want them to hear. A message that will be prefaced by saying that this message has been sent to nearly every city, county and state manager across the US.

I am gathering those from Illinois. It is really not that hard to do just time consuming. Please volunteer for a State below and when you get them post them in a word document and e-mail them to me. When I get the full list I can publish it or send it to those I know will use it wisely.

I'd appreciate your help!


Nurse assaulted for passing out 9/11 DVDs at library

Nurse Assaulted for Passing out 9/11 DVDs at Library After Letter to the Editor Brought Attention to Her Activism

January 3, 2007

Below is letter to the editor which, after being published, brought negative attention to her passing out 9/11 Truth DVDs at her local library. This person was assaulted by a police officer and arrested; the officer admittedly got her contact info from the library where she had been demonstrating. Listen to her on AJ show here!

9/11 Action Net: Action Updates, 11/12/06

E-mail: 911action@hushmail.com
Website: http://www.911action.net


Three Items Added This Week to 9/11 Action Net

Name: Trespass Charge Trial
Description: "On Wednesday August 9th, nationwide group 911Courage.org carried out leafletting in 14 states, some legal some not, at the opening of Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center". Two people risked arrest. Mia Hamel of Tampa was arrested but no one ever told group founder David Slesinger to stop leafletting at his Rockville, Maryland location, the Regal Rockville Stadium 13...In Slesinger's proposed plea to the court(attached) he gives the Gandhian plea, "If you believe in what you are doing give me your stiffest sentence. If you don't, resign.""
Location: Montgomery County Court House; 50 Maryland Ave, Rockville, Maryland, U.S.A.
Date/Time: Nov. 13, 2006; Interviews from 8:00AM; Court session begins at 8:30AM
Contact/Links: Dan Nalven; (914) 941-6488; info@911courage.org; www.911courage.org

Name: Boston 9/11 Truth Tea Party
Description: "In keeping with the defiance and patriotic symbolism of the 1773 activists, 9/11Truth Tea Party proclamations will be posted throughout Boston prior to the "Tea Party." At 11:30 a.m. on December 16, 9/11 Patriots will gather at Faneuil Hall to hear the 911Truth Tea Party Proclamation read publicly. They will then march along the Freedom Trail, through Boston Common and Downtown Crossing to the original Tea Party site at the Seaport Ave. Bridge over Fort Point Channel, carrying crates containing copies of the 9/11 Commission Report. There, spokespersons will cast a larger-than-life size replica of the 9/11 Commission Report into Boston Harbor. The event will conclude with teams of 9/11 Patriots casting crates of 9/11 Reports into the harbor."

Debut of Online 9/11 Truth Activist Networking Site

E-mail: 911action@hushmail.com
Website: http://www.911action.net


9/11 Action Net Makes Web Appearance 11/1/06

A new website called 9/11 Action Net, “a 9/11 truth activist networking tool”, debuted this Wednesday, November 1, at http://www.911action.net for the announcement of 9/11 actions, rallies and demonstrations by activists around the world.

Five years after the attacks of September, America finds itself inundated by a flood of tens of millions of webcasts, DVDs and pamphlets questioning the official story of 9/11 and conclusively proving elements of it to be outright lies. According to an October 2006 poll by Angus Reid Consultants, nearly a hundred million Americans believe that the government is "mostly lying" concerning the events of the day in question. Despite this situation, however, almost nothing thus far in the way of sit-ins, rallies and demonstrations has taken place to mobilize this segments of the population for an insistent press for truth, accountability and justice regarding the attacks and the cover-up which followed.

It's one thing to say, "stop the war" or "bring the troops home," but to expose a massive act of treason like the attacks of September 11th takes well-informed activism, that's where the 9/11 truth movement is singularly effective and that's why the 9/11 Action Net has chosen to rise to the task of helping to bring the truth about terror to the streets, town halls and government offices where it is most desperately needed, and anyone with an idea of how to do that is welcome to make full use of this new online resource for those ends.

911 Activism at the World Can't Wait Protests in Cleveland, Ohio. October 5th, 2006

911 TruthSeekers get their chance on the mic!

And made it in the Cleveland State University Student paper, 'The Cauldron' Picture and all!!!

Bushwhacked: World Can't Wait Rallies to Overthrow Bush http://www.csucauldron.com/media/storage/paper516/news/2006/10/09/News/Bushwhacked.World.Cant.Wait.Rallies.To.Overthrow.Bu... By: Michelle McCafferty Issue date: 10/9/06 Section: News

Nick Chiro said he has been researching the events of Sept. 11 for four years and encourages others to do the same. Banners hung from Cleveland's iconic Free Stamp as protesters lined the street. Business people bustled by, many of them not so much as blinking an eye at the impassioned activists. "You don't want to know the truth!" shouted one protester after a woman refused his offering of a DVD entitled "Loose Change," a documentary that alleges government involvement in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. On Oct. 5, World Can't Wait, an organization dedicated to driving President George W. Bush out of office, held a public rally downtown. Setting up shop in tranquil Willard Park, located right across the street from the Federal Building on Lakeside Avenue, people milled around. Some simply observed, but others actively participated, clothed in anti-Bush attire and armed with myriad selections of literature like the People, a newspaper published by the Socialist Labor Party. Local reggae artist Carlos Jones commented on the bright, but windy day saying it was a sign that "the winds of change are blowing." He then performed a selection of songs including "I Can See Clearly Now (The Rain Is Gone)." Random speakers ascended the stage, each with his or her own reasons why Bush must be ousted from power. "We need to put an end to this phony war on terror," said a man who identified himself as Bernie Chay. "This is a call for the U.S. to be at peace with Iran." He went on to say that the U.S. should not prevent Iran from enriching uranium because the country uses it as a source of power for the betterment of the nation. Nick Chiro, a new member of World Can't Wait, said he has been researching the events of Sept. 11 for four years and it is important for Americans to seek answers and investigate government policies and motives for themselves. "I want to help expose the crimes of Sept. 11 and trace where the evidence truly points," said Chiro. "The 9/11 Commission Report is phony. The people who chaired the committee had many conflicts of interest, so I'm here to speak out for peace and encourage others to investigate for themselves, not just take the words, images and messages from the [Bush] administration or the mainstream media. The greatest form of patriotism is dissent and questioning." Patrick Minnich, an activist yelling at cars and speaking with passersby on Lakeside Avenue, said his main goal is to increase awareness of Sept. 11 and to help Americans realize what really happened. "This is the side you don't see on Fox News," said Minnich, while holding up the DVD "9/11 Mysteries." "[Fox News] is slanted toward one way. They've been talking about going to World War III for a long time now." The message, "Think - it's not illegal yet" was printed in white on his black t-shirt. "It's about the new torture bill just passed that puts people who protest in essentially the same category as terrorists," said Minnich. Several activists pleaded for an end to the capitalist system, which one speaker referred to as the greed-driven cause of war.