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Fire-Rescue Plan 9/11 Memorial for Kitsap County, Washington

The hope is to create a site that is "long-lasting and thought-provoking," and to
make it accessible to everyone, Lusk said.

A committee organized by Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue, with the help of Leadership Kitsap volunteers, is working on a 9/11 memorial project. The panel has identified 17 possible locations for the memorial. They hope to find a place for it in Silverdale.

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Interview with Derek from Kitchener 9/11 Truth

Derek from Kitchener 9/11 Truth gave Mark from Truth Action Ottawa a great interview about his experiences starting up a 9/11 truth chapter in his community. Derek is a great example of someone standing up to fill the void in his community; no one was handing out discs in his area yet, so Derek decided to take the initiative.

Listen to the interview here.

Visit the Kitchener 9/11 Truth website and YouTube channel, and if you’re in his area, be sure you join Derek on the 11th!

Kitchener 9/11 Truth Street Action April 11, 2009.

Passing out DVDs and spreading the truth about the events of September 11, 2001 at City Hall in downtown Kitchener on April 11, 2009.

Kitchener 911 Truth Street Action March 11, 2009

Passing out DVD's and speaking to area citizens about the events of September 11th 2001 on March 11, 2009 from 12:30PM-2:00PM.

9/11 widow apparently on Buffalo flight

Eyewitnesses reported unusual engine noise and that the plane appreared to lose control, veering off to het left and down (away from airport) before the nose dive. I'm not leaping ot any conclusions, however it does bring pause to one's day. From CNN:

9/11 widow apparently on Buffalo flight

* Story Highlights
* Widow of September 11 victim was among those on plane that crashed
* She was on way to Buffalo to mark what would have been husband's 58th birthday
* Beverly Eckert had co-founded advocacy group for September 11 survivors, families

CLARENCE CENTER, New York (CNN) -- Beverly Eckert, widow of a September 11 attack victim, was aboard the Continental flight to Buffalo, New York, that crashed Thursday night, CNN affiliate WGRZ-TV reported.

Eckert, a resident of Stamford, Connecticut, is the widow of Buffalo native Sean Rooney, who died in the 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. After that attack, Eckert co-founded "Voices of September 11," an advocacy group for survivors and 9/11 families.

U.N. Rights Investigator Expelled by Israel

Published on Tuesday, December 16, 2008 by The New York Times
UN Rights Investigator Expelled by Israel
by Isabel Kershner
JERUSALEM - Israeli authorities on Monday expelled Richard Falk, a United Nations investigator of human rights in the Palestinian territories, saying he was unwelcome because of what the government has regarded as his hostile position toward Israel.

Richard Falk speaking in Istanbul in 2005. His positions have angered Israeli officials. (Cem Turkel/A.F.P. — Getty Images)Mr. Falk, an American, arrived in Israel on Sunday. He was held at the airport and placed on the first available flight back to Geneva, his point of departure. A spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry said that Mr. Falk had been informed in advance that his entry would be barred. Mr. Falk was not immediately available for comment.

Mr. Falk, a professor of international law at Princeton, has the title of United Nations Human Rights Council special rapporteur for the Palestinian territories. He has long been criticized in Israel for what many Israelis say are unfair and unpalatable views.

October 11th Southern California 911 Truth March In Solidarity With Campaign To End The Fed

Roughly 150 members of different Truth groups in Southern California and some Truthers that were made on that day, marched in solidarity for 911 truth and also in support of the campaign to End the Fed.
You can see that campaign here http://endthefed.us

Find more videos like this on End The Fed U.S.A.

Kitchener 9/11 truth street action 10/11/08.

Kitchener 9/11 truth street action in downtown Kitchener at City Hall on October 11, 2008. It was a solo mission in which I handed out 120 dvds in an hour and a half and spoke the truth to many citizens who wanted to know more about 9/11 and why we(Canadians) are at war abroad in Afghanistan.

Part 1

Part 2

**The webpage at the end of the video should read: kitchener911truth.blogspot.com

9/11 Truth Takes Over MSNBC Hardball at the Denver DNC

Watch as Chris Matthews' MSNBC Hardball at the Denver DNC is taken over by Alex Jones and We Are Change Colorado, whose "9/11 Was an Inside Job" chants can be heard as loud as the program's hosts thanks to Jones' bullhorn:

WTC site will be open again to families 9/11/2008

WTC site will be open again to families this 9/11

911 first responders

NEW YORK (AP) — Sept. 11 victims' families will be allowed to return to ground zero to mourn their loved ones on the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks, officials said Friday.

The decision was a relief for family members who had been told last year they could not go back to the site while rebuilding continued. Many tearfully touched the ground at the base of the destroyed World Trade Center towers last Sept. 11, believing it would be their last chance for years to visit the ground where their loved ones died.

30 Sec 9/11 ACTION ALERT!

Ready, Set, ACTION!

Oprah, her show, and her book club...POWER in the MSM, let's make it ours! copy/paste the following and email to the link below:

Oprah, I would like to see you add The Shell Game to your reading list.
VERY important book. Also please invite the author Steve Alten on and add
a panel of experts. That would be a GREAT and timely show!


*for Obama fans you may want to mention Alten loves Obama, also do not put this in the email, but Alten said he would bring Griffin on the show with him if he gets on.

911 Questions at Congressman Markey Forum

Congratulations to local 9/11 Boston activists on a great job at the Ed Markey forum yesterday in Framingham. We got into at least two newspapers in his district (linked below). Notice the slick response Markey gave regarding the question of controlled demolition: It's incontrovertibly true (that) the terrorist-piloted planes caused the attacks.

Markey cleverly swapped the word "collapses" with "attacks." Markey must have gone to the Slick Willie school of politics. But few of his constituents were fooled. Everyone heard the question. Everyone knew his answer intentionally skirted it.

This was a huge success for the truth movement. It's now been documented that Markey was introduced to the science of 9-11 on 2/3/08, and that he also pledged to look further into it.

Congressman Ed Markey can no longer credibly play dumb on the issue of 9-11.

Waltham paper:

You Say 9/11 Was an Inside Job? There’s Nothing I Can Do About It . . . or Is There?

Most people I talk to believe 9/11 was an inside job. I talk to everyone, cab drivers, limo drivers, phone solicitors, etc. etc. The overwhelming majority think 9/11 was an inside job perpetrated by our government.

HOWEVER, almost as many shrug and give me comments along the lines of “it doesn’t matter what I do.”

Let me tell you a story about what one person can do. A few months after 9/11 I began to learn a lot about the failures of the US Air Force and FAA to do their job on 9/11 while four commercial jet liners flew over the most protected airspace in the human history crashing planes into buildings; US Army training of the alleged hijackers; insider stock trades against American and United Airlines the day before 9/11 by a CIA connected financial institution; etc. etc.

I began collecting emails for every fire department and firemen's union, all their officers, etc. etc. and emailing these 9/11 questions out to firemen across the US, Canada, and beyond.

11th of November Madrid Spain

11 truth group in Madrid on the 11th of November


Entre las 12.30 y las 13 horas fuimos llegando los miembros de la Asociación por la Verdad Sobre el 11 de Septiembre y otros amigos que a título personal colaboraron en la convocatoria. Y empezamos a difundir la información entre la gente por varios medios:Diana llevó un pequeño cuadro-pancarta, con alusiones a los autoatentados por ambas caras; una, con la demolición controlada; la otra, con la denuncia de que el 11-S fue un "trabajo interno".

Giorgio estaba a todo, con sus múltiples causas y luchas, sin perder detalle de nada, y con su talante de siempre, tranquilo y conciliador.

Pictures of 911 truth movement in madrid - Demo on the 9th of Sept

See some pictures and an article in spanish about our sept 9 demo in madrid, since then we have also gone out on the 11th and will go out on the street tomorrow as well, we've got a real dedicated group of people and growing daily :

See pictures - http://investigar11s.blogspot.com/2007/09/la-manifestacin-de-madrid-sobre-el-11-s.html