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9/11 Truthers In Southern Ontario Interested In Attending 9/11 Anniversary In NYC

For those of you 9/11 Truthers in Southern Ontario that plan on attending the 6th Anniversary of 9/11 in NYC on September 11 and would like to go down to NYC as a group, I am hoping to organize a group of people that wish to attend so that we can mobilize as a group and so no one will be forced to travel solo. So if you are interested please give me a shout no later than the end of July as this is already in the early stages of development and we want to be sure we get a flight and place to stay as much in advance as possible.

You can contact me by email at: farleyfan69@hotmail.com

I hope to get a decent response as this is a big year for 9/11 Truth on account of Loose Change Final Cut hitting theaters amongst other big breakthroughs on the war front of truth. So if you are planning on going don't delay because you WILL be a part of history come 9/11/07.

- Matt Etmanskie

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


LUKE and the gang at WE ARE CHANGE are doing such a good Job, Here is a video showing what its like to be at Ground Zero representing 911 truth. They are there every Sat from 1pm-4pm.

LUKE, DANNY, BRIAN and all the other volunteers really are getting the information into the peoples hands. I AM PROUD OF ALL OF THEM. This video is of Me, my Friend Brent and Cary. Presenting Luke with his first hi tech spy camera. I interview Luke On the Paltalk Chat room 911 was an inside job and petitioned people to do what they can to support Luke Brent stepped up flew in from Miami and bought Luke this equipment.

This is the Interview I had with Luke on Paltalk.com April 26th 911 was an inside job room :


American Revolution

Keep in mind that only one third of the colonial population wanted the American Revolution. One third wanted independence, another third did not, and the remaining third were indifferent.

It may turn out that only a third of our country passionately fights for the truth of 911, but we should remind ourselves of history and remember that the truth is never going to be easy. It never has been. It has always been a struggle to get to the truth, but it is possible. Freedom happens. Truth happens. Keep sending emails and posting comments and writing in blogs because at the very least when people are touched by the truth they will not support policies that take away our liberty. Even if the truth of 911 is not at critical mass, the more information people come into contact with the less they will support draconian policies. If the fascists dismantle the political process because they are unable to manipulate it then they will also dismantle people's denial of 911. They know this, so changing people's minds through writing and other media IS EFFECTIVE. It destroys the fascist's ability to manipulate the political process.


9/11 Truth Renaissance

A profound shift is taking place in consciousness and technology. Activists are hard pressed to keep up with the latest tools for video-blogging, podcasting, DVD duplication, and an array of new technologies facilitating communications between people that were geographically and economically prohibitive when I was a child. The new technologies have the potential of the printing press, photography, radio, and television to shake up the way people see the world and to shift the power structures in society. While traditional newspapers and magazines are struggling to maintain economic viability and credibility, creative new synergies are taking place in cyberspace and in the production of films and music designed to inform, enlighten, and inspire with messages thatwhich strongly challenge the mainstream media’s fabricated reality that is contrived to serve imperial corporate interests.


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The Citizen's Advocate!

Colonel Bob Bowman, PhD
Listen to the "Take Back America" Speech LIVE from Kansas City's Uptown Theatre

Sunday, April 21st, 2007
5:45pm EST

The Citizen's Advocate LIVE @

Listen LIVE as Colonel Bowman explains why we need and deserve a government that:

-Follows the Constitution
-Honors the Truth

-Serves the People

This special event is being broadcast live on the Revere Radio Network and will also feature Missouri Representative Jim Guest (R) who will update us on an initiative to exempt Missouri from the Federal Real ID Act.

New Hampshire Presidential Debate First call to arms April 4,5 2007

Time to get the truth out boys and girls because you cant depend on the BBC to help us out, back to the grassroots. A bonus is that Ron Paul will be there. Cnn will be hosting Wolf Blitzer will be the modarator.

Saint Anselm College will once again take a leading role in the election of the next President of the United States, college President Fr. Jonathan DeFelice, O.S.B., announced recently.


911 activism

I was at work in a local government law office when one of the lawyers brought in a television on 911 said that the country was under attack. My overwhelming sense was that Bush had just been handed a "power-package" on a silver plate.

The invasion of Afghanistan seemed to be an appropriate response, but I was concerned about getting mired in an unending "war" that had bankrupted the Soviet Union.

The drum beat for war with Iraq was suspicious and the conflating of 911 with Iraq was transparent. Bush had an agenda and oil was the obvious target.

In the 2004 election cycle, I started following a number of progressive blogs (Raw Story, BuzzFlash, Daily Kos, Truthout) and eventually came across references to 911 as an inside job. My immediate reaction was "that wouldn't surprise me." I then followed some links to Loose Change just before Loose Change 2 was supposed to come out. I ordered it but did not get it for many months. That and the Stephen Jones Powerpoint completely convinced me.

"Resident speaking out on Ground Zero air"

The January 31, 2007 issue of "Community News" has the above named story on Page 3.

The "Community News" is a weekly newspaper circulated in Lodi, Hasbrouck Heights, Wood-Ridge, Maywood and Rochelle Park New Jersey. The issue features a picture of Fair Lawn, New Jersey resident Robert Gulack who was affected by the air around Ground Zero after 9/11 on the first page as a highlight to the article on Page 3.

The newspaper quotes Mr. Gulack as saying "This is the worst case of abuse by the government the United States has had in its history."

Mr. Gulack was in Washington and attended the State of the Union Address as a guest of U.S. Rep Jerrold Nadler along with retired North Arlington Police Chief Joseph Zadroga.

Mr. Gulack returned to work near Ground Zero and Zadroga, whose police detective son's death has been linked to toxic air in his lungs after he did rescue work at Ground Zero, "were on hand as reminders that the attack is impacting lives to this day."

November Surprise Welcomes The Democrats To Congress

I'm not fan of Democrats but I think we have a good chance of getting impeachment underway after November 7. If we get that then the least we will get is a huge impeachment style cover-up which sucks...but it's better then nothing.

Think about it. November 7th crowds greet the democrats to office with impeachment messages ringing loud. They will be forced to deal with the situation!

Is it possible to organize in just over a month? Converge on Washington DC for the "November Surprise".

Think about it. 9/11 Truth and other indy media needs to start advertising an event ASAP!

Building a Brighter Future

Building a Brighter Future

The Current Situation

Together, we can and will build a brighter future. Yet in order to give meaningful suggestions for this, we first
need to speak candidly about what's happening in the world at present. Based
on the abundance of reliable, verifiable information provided on the www.WantToKnow.info website, it appears that there are factions within the world's power elite which desire to exert as much control over the world as possible. Their primary means for establishing control are through promoting fear, secrecy, and polarization, and through distracting people from their deeper purpose in life. As these factions gain ever greater power and control, our freedoms and liberties are increasingly taken away, sometimes without our even realizing it.

Rampaging Elephant Attacks 911 Activists at Banksy Show in Los Angeles


"Art shock" turned to horror last night as a live elephant featured in a downtown LA gallery show got out of control. The show was promoted as a "vandalized warehouse," featuring graffiti and other works by infamous UK "art terrorist" Banksy.

It took trainers and guards over an hour to sedate the elephant with many MDMA-filled darts. (MDMA potency is proportional to body-weight.)

12 visitors were reportedly hurt, and many of Banksy's finest pieces of anti-capitalist satire ruined.

LAPD forces have secured the Hunter Street/Santa Fe area and are questioning witnesses; "there is no basis for allegations that this elephant went crazy as a protest against Banksy's bad taste in using security guards to protect his own art from vandalism. Elephants don't do critical theory. Sorry."

Banksy's LA show had already spiralled out of control Friday afternoon, when animal rights activists discovered a real live elephant in the Hunter Street warehouse. The story hit the front page of the LA Times Saturday morning, and many tousle-haired hipsters found the show deluged by Soccer moms and kids, to their great dismay.