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A French high-ranking official doesn't believe the 9/11 official story

Roland Dumas, who was a socialist deputy, Foreign minister of France (equivalent to the U.S. Secretary of State) and also President of the Constitutional Council, has said three times, recently, that he rejected the official account of the events surrounding 9/11.

*** Video interview from the late night show "Tonight or Never" 12/16/10:

"I'll tell you what I think about September 11. I don't believe it."


*** My interview (by phone) for Oumma.com 12/17/10

Question: You said last night on Frederic Taddei’s show that you do not believe in Sept. 11. What do you mean by that?

Roland Dumas: I think it cannot be more clear. I do not believe what was told about it.

36 Years after the first 911, ‘The Battle of Chile’ becomes available on new DVD.

Looking for a movie to watch post Xmas Turkey?
Want to emulate your success last year with the Dark Knight / Mamma Mia?
Might I suggest the perfect film for all the family this year … The Battle of Chile ?

Well, perhaps not, but The Battle of Chile is one of the most remarkable documentaries ever made. It stunned film critics and won numerous prizes in film festivals around the world , and 36 years and 3 months after the bloody Nixon/Kissinger sponsored Military Coup and murder of Chilean President Salvador Allende on 9/11 1973, the little seen film will be widely available with English subtitles for the first time ever, with a 4Disc DVD Release in USA on 8 December.