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Wake Up ! And Smell The Explosions

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
I always thought these two pictures describe the truth about 9/11 better than any words can express and so I made an activism flyer with them.

Take Care Matt
Founder of:
Take A Stand For 9/11 Truth

Trick or Truth: World Peace Week, War on War Week seek to link False Flag Awareness to Guy Fawkes, Veterans, Halloween holidays.

Nov. 5th through 11th has been declared World Peace Week ( and War on War Week ( by Progressive Press in California (me) and in Ohio (Sherry Clark).

The Nov. 5-11 initiative has especially enjoyed the moral support of No. California 911 Truth activist Carol Brouillet. This year the publicity vehicle chosen was a postcard for Halloween and anti-war events. For the design, Kevin Barrett suggested a motif using a smiling and a frowning “V” mask, representing the two websites. A design and text were prepared by Camille, winner of the No. Calif. 911 Truth art contest.

You can order the War on War postcards now at Kevin Barrett’s website, . For Peace Week, I decided to expand the design with a more explicit truth message on a half-page flyer, which will be ready to ship by Nov. 2.


We are doing a campaign in spain to put up WANTED signs on all of the lamposts
the translation is WANTED, the truth about 911 , and it has little strips you can cut off to take with you and look at our web later. Thought it might be a good idea to do in the states also
you can see the poster here

Seattle Truth Activism...

700 dvds, 800 flyers in about 5 hours. Bite of Seattle.
Get out there, speak up, and speak out.

The PA 9/11 Visibility Group Flyer

Click Here (PDF)

Feel free to use any or all of this. It's going to be making its' debut this Saturday at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Come join us if you can.