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Russ Hallberg

Want to quickly reach hundreds of people with 911 truth? You can do it at busy intersections during rush hour. I place 911 Truth banners on wooden and metal poles where people stopped for a traffic light will see them. Locations that are visible to pedestrian traffic work well, too. Do not expect 911 Truth banners to last for extended periods of time anywhere they can be torn off. I did the same thing last year with IMPEACH banners and they were generally left undisturbed. I consider 911 Truth to be a much more effective cause. Apparently, so does our opposition!

Having a banner last through one rush hour makes it worth while. I reach thousands with banners beside light rail stops here in Portland, Oregon. The banners say: INSIDE JOB
The banners are easy to make. I use heavy weight paper that might last through the rain. Here is the How to list for 911 Truth banners:
Items needed: Heavy weight colored paper, scissors, 2” wide packaging tape on a dispenser and a heavy duty staple gun for attaching to wooden poles. A tool belt or side bag is helpful for carrying supplies while posting banners.

Going Shopping

This Summer I plan on being even more dilligent spreading the truth. I hope to buy a portable projection system so that I can take my message to people as they do the things they do. I have found several self contained units which range in price and quality from $300 to $1000. The units can project pictures ranging from 60" to 35 ft.... they have built-in DVD players and sufficient speakers.... Many come with their own carrying cases.

I plan on targeting Shopping malls and shopping centers. Wal-Marts and Walgreens. Football and soccer games. I just need darkness and a wall sufficient enough to accept the projected image..... If you can park in the first row of parking near a mall or shopping center the picture should be perfect and over 35 ft across.

Getting better believe it.

Can you imagine "Loose Change Final Cut" blowing out at 35 ft across?

Would love to project it onto the base the Washington Monument

Here are some projectors I have found:

This is the one I want to get:

Friday Commute Signs

I can't let the last Friday of 2006 pass without giving everyone in my neck of the woods a little 9/11 Truth.

Pearl Harbor = LIHOP

Yes, it's December 7th and FDR KNEW and just so no one in my area forgets I put up six signs like this one: