“The Fight of The Century” and The FBI

In 1971, Muhammad Ali Helped Undermine the FBI’s Illegal Spying on Americans
by Betty Medsger - June 6, 2016 in "The Intercept"

Since his death a few days ago, countless tributes to Muhammad Ali have brought to life the memories of his extraordinary accomplishments inside and outside boxing. But one thing has gotten little attention: Ali provided cover for a burglary that changed history.

It was March 8, 1971, the night of Ali’s first fight with Joe Frazier, and the noise from that epic battle provided cover for the break-in of an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania. The burglary, by eight activists who stole every file in the office, revealed the illegal spying operations that FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover had organized against a broad swath of Americans, including Martin Luther King Jr. The revelations led to congressional investigations and major reforms of all intelligence agencies.

Cops and Former Secret Service Agents Ran Black Ops on Green Groups

Cops and Former Secret Service Agents Ran Black Ops on Green Groups
By James Ridgeway - Friday 11 April 2008
Mother Jones

Meet the private security firm that spied on Greenpeace and other environmental outfits for corporate clients. A tale of intrigue, infiltration, and dumpster-diving.

A private security company organized and managed by former Secret Service officers spied on Greenpeace and other environmental organizations from the late 1990s through at least 2000, pilfering documents from trash bins, attempting to plant undercover operatives within groups, casing offices, collecting phone records of activists, and penetrating confidential meetings. According to company documents provided to Mother Jones by a former investor in the firm, this security outfit collected confidential internal records - donor lists, detailed financial statements, the Social Security numbers of staff members, strategy memos - from these organizations and produced intelligence reports for public relations firms and major corporations involved in environmental controversies.

In addition to focusing on environmentalists, the firm, Beckett Brown International (later called S2i), provided a range of services to a host of clients. According to its billing records, BBI engaged in "intelligence collection" for Allied Waste; it conducted background checks and performed due diligence for the Carlyle Group, the Washington-based investment firm; it provided "protective services" for the National Rifle Association; it handled "crisis management" for the Gallo wine company and for Pirelli; it made sure that the Louis Dreyfus Group, the commodities firm, was not being bugged; it engaged in "information collection" for Wal-Mart; it conducted background checks for Patricia Duff, a Democratic Party fundraiser then involved in a divorce with billionaire Ronald Perelman; and for Mary Kay, BBI mounted "surveillance," and vetted Gayle Gaston, a top executive at the cosmetics company (and mother of actress Robin Wright Penn), retaining an expert to conduct a psychological assessment of her. Also listed as clients in BBI records: Halliburton and Monsanto.

BBI, which was headquartered in Easton, Maryland, on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay, worked extensively, according to billing records, for public-relations companies, including Ketchum, Nichols-Dezenhall Communications, and Mongoven, Biscoe & Duchin. At the time, these PR outfits were servicing corporate clients fighting environmental organizations opposed to their products or actions. Ketchum, for example, was working for Dow Chemical and Kraft Foods; Nichols-Dezenhall, according to BBI records, was working with Condea Vista, a chemical manufacturing firm that in 1994 leaked up to 47 million pounds of ethylene dichloride, a suspected carcinogen, into the Calcasieu River in Louisiana.


911 Protestors booted from Giuliani Event

911 Protesters booted from Giuliani Event

From NBC/NJ’s Matthew E. Berger

LOVELAND, Colo. -- About a half dozen protestors were asked to leave a local coffeehouse Saturday where Giuliani was visiting, after they shouted questions about conspiracies surrounding the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

No formal arrests were made, according to Loveland Police Sgt. Greg Eisentraut, but about a half dozen protesters were removed from the event, after trying to ask Giuliani whether he had advanced knowledge of the terrorist attacks. One protestor, who was detained by police, described himself as the publisher and Editor-In-Chief of New York Megaphone and was led away by officers on both arms, yelling, “I have an excellent attorney.”

“What you did was illegal,” he screamed at police officials. “What you did was a violation of the f------ Bill of Rights.”

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