Truth Activism Europe

'UNITED FOR TRUTH', Friday 11 September 2009 @ Brussels, Belgium

UFT'09 is the third and consecutive annual event demanding an international investigation on the 9/11 attacks and termination of wars and security policies in alarming rise ever since.

Founded in 2007, the UFT platform that year gathered over two hundred in the streets of Brussels. In 2008 we were close to 500 to march (under the rain!) from the Council of Europe to the USA Embassy. Various organizations (CADTM, ATTAC, etc..) and personalities (G. Chiesa, P. Galand, DRGriffin, etc..) gave their support.

This year we organize two gatherings on the very day: Friday 11 September at noon, Arts avenue, in front of the USA Embassy. And at 16h place du Luxembourg, in front of the European parliament. Then, at 20h, we invite you to the screening of the movie 'Zero' from Euro MP Giulietto Chiessa, organized by Liberation Films, followed by a discussion with the director.

'9/11' is still in effect because more than ever we suffer from its 'consequences'. From the Afghan peasant to the simple traveller or worker on strike we have all become 'potential terrorists'!