In Massachusetts? Encourage Governor Patrick to Support a New 9/11 Investigation

Governor Patrick has a section of his website driven by his constituents called "My Issues". Constituents can post and vote for the issues that they care about. 9/11 Truth is the Key to Ending this war and the next one (Iran) is just a couple of votes from the top 10. is an online tool to help you participate in shaping the direction of your community and Massachusetts. It is where you can identify and present an issue that matters to you and then organize around it. The Governor keeps track of the efforts of everyone who uses and will often comment on issues generating solid amounts of support.

He may even take action himself, help you take action, or get others to help.

So whether your issue affects all of Massachusetts or just your local area, you now have the power to reach your Governor and those in your community.

So go ahead: get organized and create change.

"Strategic Action Weekend" Will Bring 9/11 Truth to Central Ohio

9/11 Strategic Actions begins it's run in Ohio on April 27th. There are some great things going on here in Ohio, Columbus is bringing in some great speakers and Cleveland has great resources that show how the overall movement is going. Here in Springfield, OH it's a very interesting climate. The overall goal of this group is BIG ACTIONS for BIG RESULTS. Our target audience is not the internet audience, as many of you are doing an outstanding job at reaching those who can view movies on google, but rather we seek to reach those who do not have access to high-speed internet in a grassroots and targeted activism effort. I want to bring Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kentucky, and Indiana together every 3 months or so, in order to maximize manpower over a small period of time. This first weekend will be mostly organization and activism, but once we reach 50+ members then we will start even larger actions with the intent of getting media coverage. I hope many of you will join us for this effort.


9/11 Truther Stands out on the Front Page of the Local Edition of the Seattle Times

original image

One 9/11 Truther Stands like Lady Liberty at the front of the crowd!

Wow! What a day. A few of the committed members of the 9/11 Truth Seattle Community attended the Seattle Demonstration on Sunday, March 18 in Seattle's Westlake Center Area with 3,000 other Peace Advocates. We then marched in solidarity around the downtown area. We gave away 20 "Google 9/11 Truth" Signs, 150 DVD's, 150 Citizen Commission Report Booklets and many more flyers.

One young women proudly display her 9/11 sign at the front of the crowd and the Seattle Times choose to frame and use this photo as the front page of the Monday Local News section. This choice could not have been an accident. It was a dramatic and well framed shot. I think it was a gift in support of finding the Truth. Thank you Seattle Times!

We would really like to hear from the young lady who became the new poster child of the Seattle 9/11 Truth movement. Your sign was an invitation and directions: “Google 9/11 Truth” This was simple visibility at it’s finest. Let us know who you are by contacting

Thanks Ben for the heads up!

Demonstration of Support for Rosie O'Donnell This Wednesday at ABC Studios

Demonstration of Support for Rosie O'Donnell
March 21st Wednesday – 9:30am
Outside ABC The View Studios
320 West 66th Street , just past West End Ave., NYC

NY911Truth and CHANGE will be outside ABC’s the Views Studios this Wednesday to support Rosie O'Donnell courageous and brave actions standing up for 9-11 truth. Rosie O'Donnell has been Ignored by most of the 9-11 truth movement and Ignored by the mass media. We as citizens of New York say enough is enough and were going to show Rosie support for Standing up for the truth. We’re going to be outside ABC studios with our “9-11 was an inside” banner and “Thank You Rosie Sign’s”, anyone is welcome to come.

After Rosie O'Donnell gone public doubting the official story of 9/11, the main stream media has openly ignored Rosie O'Donnell just like they ignore the family members of 9/11 victims and first responders who question the official story of 9/11.

The main stream media concentrates their efforts on mindless fluff like the dispute between Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump. Why won’t they cover Rosie O'Donnell talking about 9/11 truth? It is clearly evident the establishment media knows about this story and has chosen the blackout option, rather than the discrediting method of debunking. The truth behind 9-11 can longer be debunked.

Go to for more info and updates.
Contact Luke Rudkowski for more info

PNAC Rebuilding America's Senses

A Project for the New American Citizen invites you to
Rebuilding America’s Senses, a two-day conference aimed at exposing state- sponsored terrorism and its application in staged false-flag operations. By understanding these two fundamental concepts, one can better comprehend how governments have historically used fear and even terrorism as a means to control their populations.

The conference will be organized around the historical and present use of state-sponsored terrorism, as well as its inevitable use in the future. It is our belief that a citizenry who is aware of such tactics will not be so easily coerced into supporting another unjustifiable war and continued degradation of their rights.

By attending this free conference you will hear from a number of prestigious speakers, drawn from all over the country, provide irrefutable physical and socio-scientific proof that Western governments have indeed been behind the major terrorist events of our lives, including the attacks of September 11th, the 7/7 bombings in London, the Oklahoma City bombing and many more.

WHEN: Saturday April 14th at 11 AM and Sunday at 10 AM for a day long truth forum.

Visibility 9-11 Welcomes Three Shoes Posse


This episode of Visibility 9-11 features an interview with Jerry and Deborah Stevens and Patterson Martin of the band Three Shoes Posse. Drawing on many influences including a heavy emphasis on Reggae, Three Shoes Posse have brought their own special blend of activism together with genuine musical talents to bring the world their self titled CD release which includes the smash truth hit, 10 Second Freefall.

Listen here.


9/11 Truth Takes Toronto

There was a strong 9/11 Truth presence at the Anti-War Rally in Toronto today. The Toronto 9/11 Questions Meetup Group as well as other Truthers joined the anti-war crowd to demand Truth and Accountability from our leaders.

Here are the highlights (Click each image for full size):

Full Size Banner:

Expose 9/11:

Inside Job:

Demand 9/11 Truth:

9/11 Skeptics Want Those Who Disagree At Saturday Event

They claim evidence will sway others to doubt 'official' story.


Tribune Staff Writer

SOUTH BEND -- Andy Schmidt wants you to attend Saturday's conference -- especially if you don't agree with him that what he calls the "official story" of 9/11 is false.

Three presenters -- all part of the "9/11 truth movement" that questions the conventional explanation of the 9/11 attacks -- will speak at the event, which Schmidt sees as a learning experience.

"I would strongly encourage people who doubt the 9/11 truth movement to come to the conference," he wrote in an e-mail, "because they will learn the most (if they remain civil, that is!) We don't want to just be preaching to the choir. It's an educational event that will be of most benefit to folks who are still 'on the fence' about 9/11 truth."

The Granger man says he wants to draw people who, like he once did, don't agree with 9/11 skeptics.

Initially, Schmidt said in a telephone interview, "I was one of the strongest believers in the 9/11 story."

Light A Candle

My "Google Terrorstorm" candle is still there from a while ago, but we need some more Truth related messages:

The 11th Of Every Month Action, Philadelphia, PA

Thanks to everyone that attended today's event. Thanks to YT for the idea, and the initiative. I hope that everyone start participating in this action.

Vancouver 9/11 Truth Movement Galvanises Local Activist Community


by Wayne Prante

The Vancouver 9/11 Truth Movement, though initially small and scattered, has been around for some years. However, since the Spring of 2006, they have been holding regular meetings and holding high-profile events at public locations in the city. On August 30th, 2006 they presented a speaking engagement with Barrie Zwicker to help launch his book Towers of Deception in downtown Vancouver, which was attended by some 500 people, and then held a public demonstration on Robson Street on September 11th, 2006 to demand a new 9/11 investigation and justice for 9/11 victims. Since then, this group has become a cohesive activist group, and one with vision, clear objectives and determination.

Burlington, Vermont - A Call to Action!


On Tuesday, March 6, 2007, the residents of Burlington, Vermont will vote on this ballot question:

"Shall Vermont's Congressional Delegation be advised to demand a new, thorough, and truly independent forensic investigation that fully addresses the many questions surrounding the tragic events of September 11, 2001?"

Obviously, the answer is yes. However, are the people of Burlington aware of the potentially historic nature that this ballot question has?

That's where 9/11 activism comes in.

Here are two key resources that the people of Burlington should be made aware of;

1. Vermont 911truth has an excellent voter's guide on the ballot question here. (Best viewed in Explorer.)

2. South Burlington's RETN broadcast a panel discussing why this ballot question is so important on February 21, 2007. We now have the panel online at;

Part 1: 52 minutes*

Part 2: 49 minutes

Let's make sure the people of Burlington know about these resources, so that they can make an informed decision on March 6.


Resources and Forum Added to 9/11 Action Net

New features have been added at the 9/11 Action Net during a recently revamp including a resources page with links to handy activist materials and a bright and shiny new forum with boards where truthers may request, offer or point out third-party sources of activism supplies as well as rideshares, lodging and venues for events and actions. And don't forget that 9AN is accepting activist directory entries for individuals and groups as always, as well as offering event posting services in the campaign index and around the web.

Toronto Anti-War Rally on Mar 17

The Toronto Coalition to Stop the War is having a rally on Mar 17.

The Toronto 911 Meetup Group are discussing it here:

Sounds like a pretty good crowd, with some media coverage, but not too many Truthers. I'm gonna go, anyone else in the area and interested? If so, contact me or sign up at 911 meetup.

Here is some info on their last protest which took place in October: