Boston 9/11 Truth to Stage 9/11 Truth Tea Party December 16th in Boston, Massachusetts

Boston 9/11 Truth Tea Party
December 16, 2006
11:30 am to 3:00 pm.
Boston, Massachusetts


"I think in simplest terms, there’s a cover-up. The 9/11 Report is a joke. The question is: What’s being covered up? Is it gross malfeasance, gross negligence? "
-Raymond L. McGovern
Former Chairman, National Intelligence Estimates, CIA. Responsible for
President’s Daily Brief (PDB) for Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.
27-year CIA veteran. Former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer.

In the spirit of American patriots who on December 16, 1773 rebuked the lack of representation and tyranny to which the colonies were subjected by Great Britain, by tossing crates of British tea into Boston Harbor, the Boston 9/11 Truth Committee will enact a "9/11 Truth Tea Party" on December 16, 2006, calling on "all American Sons and Daughters of Liberty to cast-off the tyranny, deceit and lies imposed on the American public by way of the official 9/11 Commission Report."

The Boston 9/11 Truth Committee is a citizens' activist organization, which, along with its national counterpart, 911, is highly critical of the omissions and distortions of the official 9/11 Commission Report released in 2004. Joining forces with 9/11 victim families who brought about the creation of the original 911 Commission investigation, their primary demand is for elected and appointed government officials to immediately initiate an exhaustive, transparent, all-encompassing reinvestigation of the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

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TruthMove launches direct action campaign in NYC

Follow the link for their journal of past actions:

We take action to support our values by promoting insight.

TruthMove will be out on the streets of New York City conducting emergency public education nearly every Saturday afternoon, weather permitting. We will be at different locations each week talking to the public and distributing our flyers.

Our goal is to promote informed citizenship and the need for public skepticism and oversight by addressing issues such as 9/11 truth, environmental collapse, the war industry, false flag operations, election fraud, and media complicity in an urgent, respectful, and adaptive manner. We will also be going to a wide range of neighborhoods throughout NYC with the intention of reaching every demographic group, building a city wide presence, and expanding our cultural awareness.

Whether you are a movement veteran, or recent participant, TruthMove wants to encourage you to join us in our effort to educate the public. The experience is always educational and uplifting. Support far outweighs contention. And those who challenge us offer the opportunity to develop our ability to debate.

For those with interest, but less experience with the information or street action, we encourage you to come out with us, hand out flyers, and let us demonstrate for you positive and effective strategies for educating the public. If you would like to participate, please contact us and tell us about your interest and experience. And while you are here, have a look at our Action Guidelines, our Photo Gallery, and our journal of past actions below.


Proper Burial and Proper Recovery Rally Tomorrow at Ground Zero

The Outrage at Ground Zero:
Proper Burial / Proper Recovery Rally
Thurs. Nov. 2, 2006 - 12:30pm

For Immediate Release
Contact: Diane Horning, 908-654-5244
Sally Regenhard, 646-266-1987

An alliance of six 9/11 Family Groups, friends, union members, clergy and the public, hold rally to support Proper Burial/Proper Recovery of human remains at GZ by enlisting the assistance of the JPAC military recovery unit.

WTC site, Church Street, adjacent to the PATH station, NYC

Thursday, November 2, 2006. (This is also All Souls Day in the Christian religion & The Day of the Dead for the Mexican people)

12:30 PM

All family members and members of the public are invited and urged to attend. All elected officials will be invited to support the 9/11 Families. WE NEED YOUR ATTENDANCE TO SUPPORT US.

We must show our absolute solidarity at the site where our loved ones’ remains have lain ignored and unburied for over five years. It is time to stand up and be counted! There can be no more haphazard discovery of human body parts and personal effects. We demand a scientific, well-organized controlled survey of GZ by a reputable entity such as the Joint POW-MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) which is the group that searches for remains of missing soldiers from WW I to the present. We need to recover human remains of our loved ones at Ground Zero, surrounding buildings and the Fresh Kills garbage dump. Join Us ! We need your help ! Dress in black/purple for mourning and bring a photo of your loved one.

A project of the following groups:
WTC Families for Proper Burial, The Skyscraper Safety Campaign, WTC United Family Group, Cantor Fitzgerald Family Relief Fund, WDoyle 9/11 Support Group, Advocates for 9/11 Fallen Heroes Memorial

Sally Regenhard, Chairperson, Skyscraper Safety Campaign
"Let us not grow tired in doing good.
For at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9


Thanks William for the heads up!

911Truth-Tucson Polls Congressional Candidates Regarding 9/11

Four U.S. Congressional Candidates from Arizona Support a Truly Independent Reinvestigation of All 9/11 Evidence and Events - Press Release (PDF attached to this post)

Tucson, AZ, Oct. 22, 2006 - Statewide results of the 2006 Congressional Candidate 9/11 Truth Poll are in. The survey was conducted by 911Truth-Tucson by mailing questionnaires to the winners of the recent Arizona primary races for US House and Senate in all Arizona congressional districts. The surveys were provided by -- a leading national 9/11 Truth group. The survey asked candidates for their opinions regarding the attacks of September 11 and the official investigations that followed.

Five candidates responded to the poll:

Richard Mack Senate Libertarian
Mark Yannone CD3 Libertarian
Don Karg CD4 Republican
Warren Severin CD5 Libertarian
David Nolan CD8 Libertarian

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Paper Covers Local 9/11 Event

Southern Oregon's Mail Tribune covered a local 9/11 event hosted by Ken Becker ( puts the coverage in perspective and gives a great tip for 9/11 activism:

"Grassroots activists within the 9/11 truth movement are rising up everywhere, hosting events in towns across America and many other nations. And more often lately, local papers are reporting on these efforts."

So gather up some credible speakers and/or videos, host a 9/11 event in your town, and make sure to notify your local reporters in advance.

9/11 Walk From Denver to Washington DC

Denver to D.C. - Walk for the Truth We Need Your Help

On Feb. 1, 2007 Elliott Nesch and Raymond Schwab are walking from Denver Colorado to Washington D.C. This March for Truth is based on:

The truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the need for all people to repent and turn to the Lord that healing may come to our nation. We must be a country which embraces justice, righteousness, and truth, and be vigilant in the responsibility of preserving the American Republic from apathy, tyranny, and immorality.

The truth of the poor testimony of the Evangelical church in America who when surveyed was listed as the number one supporter of the war in Iraq and illegal practices and policies of the Bush administration without debate, reservation or caution. Not only has the church failed to be the voice of truth and reason but has sent its sons and daughters to be soldiers of this secular battle rather than supporting the widow and orphan, building the church in Iraq, preaching the gospel of peace, holding our government to righteous standards, and holding the President accountable for his behavior since he claims to be a born again Christian. This blind loyalty is not only dangerous, but it is also a blot on the name of Christ and his testimony to the nations affected by our countries poor domestic and foreign polices post- 911.

Action Alert: Tell C-SPAN to air new 9-11 panel

Remember the effect Blogger regulars had in promoting the Symposium on C-Span? Here's your chance to do it again. Thanks to Steve for sending this in:

C-SPAN is sitting on another 9/11 event it has taped. 9/11 activists might want to call in their morning show, Washington Journal, from 7 to 10am ET every day and ask them why they haven't aired this event yet.

C-SPAN Call-In Numbers Support Republicans: (202) 737-0001 Support Democrats: ... (202) 628-0205 Outside US: (202) 628-0184

Details from author, military journalist, and 9/11 researcher Barbara Honegger:

[On October 2], I attended an amazing panel event in Berkeley, Calif., based on Griffin and Peter Dale Scott's new book 9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out (a MUST get) at the MLK School packed to 1,500 standing room only and standing ovations with Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, Kevin Ryan, Peter Phillips, and Ray McGovern, with McGovern moderating.

IT WAS TAPED BY C-SPAN. The cameraman said he understood they'd air it 'in a week or two', and that was this PAST Sunday. Keep checking the C-SPAN schedules to BE SURE to watch AND TAPE this HISTORIC event. It's EVEN STRONGER than the Alex Jones conference expert panel, the last 9/11 event aired nationally by C-SPAN.

9/11 Meetup Groups

I just joined in on a group for the first time. It was the 9/11 Truth group in Cincinnati. I met some really interesting people, and I hope more people who read this site will do the same. Right now we are working on getting some movies showen at local universities. I hope everyone here will visit the 9/11 Truth section of, and join a group. If there is not a local group in your town, than create one. Really, it's a lot of fun, and you get to meet like minded people. Most people say, I understand the information, but now what? Join a group and get active. Also, if you run a blog or a 9/11 site, please link this groups front page:


Chicago - World Can't Wait - Oct. 17th

From Richard...

The will be protesting the signing of the Military Commissions Act on Tuesday, October 17th. In Chicago, there will be a protest at the Federal Plaza at Adams and Dearborn in downtown Chicago at 4pm. I am not sure if WCW is protesting at other locations but Everyone should be somewhere!!!


Posting this because it could be a good opportunity for networking/bridge building/flyering/passing out DVDs, etc...

Manhattan Neighborhood Network : Truth for a Change.

I was interviewed last week for the show "Truth for a Change" and
it was aired in NYC this morning
I will be doing it again this Friday.

Contacto Newspaper in Matamoros, Mexico Publishes Report on 5th Anniversary Events

Full translation from JR Guerra:

What the media hid from you this past 11th of September in New York.

11th of September, 2006.
New York City, New York, U.S.A.

Sure, during the morning the mass media of the U.S.A. and Latin America showed dramatic scenes by television of ceremonies with relatives of victims and several political heads from the pit of the World Trade Center (WTC) located in the downtown area of Manhattan Island of the City of New York, where the famous "Twin Towers" (twin skyscrapers of 110 floors), the Marriott Hotel (of 22 floors), three other buildings (of 9 floors) and the "Austin J. Tobin" plaza that was located in the center of the super block of the WTC once stood (a total of 16 acres in size).

What the media did not show us during the course of the morning was what was happening at the same time outside of the giant pit on the streets that surround it. About three thousand demonstrators from diverse parts of the continent met during this past fifth anniversary of the 11th of September, 2001 terrorist attacks at the WTC and were present marching outside of the WTC all wearing black T-shirts that had the phrase "INVESTIGATE 911" across the chest. One third of these shirts (about 700) were donated and distributed by the producers of the documentary video "Loose Change" within a pair of hours. During the course of the morning the producers of "Loose Change", with the aid of thousands of demonstrators, distributed about 9,600 DVD's of the documentary video to the pedestrians, relatives of victims, firemen, police, employees and owners of near businesses, etc.

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V for Vendetta & 9/11 Truth demonstration on the 5th of November

Members of the NC 9/11 Truth group ( met yesterday and we were throwing around ideas, and thought a good campaign would be to promote people doing youtube videos of 9/11 truth activism related to V for Vendetta, and possibly doing something on the mall on 11/5 with 9/11 truth activists dressed up as V.

The 5th of november is 2 days before election, and right after halloween, so people could get the masks/costumes for Halloween anyway.

The V for Vendetta 9/11 video clip is very popular and widespread throughout the 'net.

We have talked to the DC 9/11 Truth group and they are very interested.


Opinions needed on T-shirt design.

Hello everyone. As some of you know, my pastor responded to my letter to him where he stated, "As far as what you should personally do about your concerns, for that I currently have no answer except to say that affecting those around us right now in our sphere of influence is my and I believe God's main concern.." Bruce1337 interpreted this comment this way:

" I believe the Pastor is saying God wants you to go spread some truth! There we have it: GOD IS A TRUTHER!!!"

I agree, so I decided to "affect those around me" and have a t-shirt made that I could wear to church. This is what I came up with and I would like some feedback and opinions. Note the hidden cross. I am so creative!

9/11 Flyers

I'm working on some 9/11 flyers for my college campus and I thought I'd share them with folks and also ask for input/ideas. As we're a pretty intellectual community, these are fairly text heavy (or rather, there are no pictures) but that's part of the point--to contrast from all the rest of the flyers on campus that have drunk party photos, etc. etc.

I'm mostly gathering quotes as I think it's best to let others do the speaking. You can grab all the ones I've got so far here:

(zip with 16 flyers in EPS format)