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New theory on Twin Towers' collapse

Is the first MSM recognition of explosions since the initial reports on 9/11 itself?

Explosions triggered by molten aircraft metal reacting with water from sprinkler systems may have felled the Twin Towers after the 9/11 attacks, according to a new theory.

Just before the two World Trade Centre skyscrapers in New York collapsed on September 11 2001, powerful blasts were heard within the buildings and a leading materials scientist says they could be the key to the dramatic conclusion of the terrorist attacks.

Over-heated steel beams have been blamed for the towers suddenly crashing to the ground after they were hit by two passenger jets.

But Norwegian expert Dr Christian Simensen believes the powerful explosions were caused by a chemical reaction between molten aluminium from the aircraft and water ripped out the buildings' internal structure.


Does NZ PM John Key agree explosives were used on 9/11?

Does NZ PM John Key agree explosives were used on 9/11?

19 August 2009

John Key's comments during an interview on 10/08/09 on tvnz 1. The idea of explosive devices being used on 9/11 is considered a conspiracy theory by the cowardly mainstream media, who's interest's prevent them from publicising declassified documents such as Operation Northwoods, which prove the intent of western governments to engineer falseflag terror events.

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