advanced security screening devices

Airlines, TSA seeking advanced security screening devices

Updated: Mon., Jun. 25, 2012, 7:08 AM
Airlines, TSA seeking advanced security screening devices
Last Updated: 7:08 AM, June 25, 2012
Posted: 1:28 AM, June 25, 2012
Fliers may soon be saying goodbye to annoying airport security lines — and hello to a sci-fi future of high-tech safety screening.

In the next seven to 10 years, passengers will be able to breeze through security without even noticing they’re being electronically scanned for weapons and contraband, if airport security experts have their way.

No longer will passengers have to suffer the indignity of pulling off shoes and belts. They will go through a security experience that seems more like passing through a hallway than enduring the angry cluster of humanity they are familiar with today.

“We see it as a walk-through process,” said Perry Flint of the International Air Transport Association, an airline group.

Instead of metal detectors, software hooked up to video cameras will ensure safety by assessing passengers mannerisms to help screeners determine whether they’re threats.

And security screeners will identify passengers through biometric finger scans or eye scans instead of passports and driver’s licenses. Weapons will be identified by remote machines that will not require a trip through a traditional metal detector.

“We see screening technology that means you are not taking your coat off, and you are not taking your computer out of its case,” Flint said.