Fantastic '911 Truth' handout and method... 0.33 cent per handout!

I have been handing out great '911 Truth' info for less than 1/3 cent per handout!! 5,500 handouts for $17.50. First, I copied the following 11 times on a 8.5x11 sheet of paper and made 500 copies at 3.5 cent per sheet $17.50: USA's Constitution and currency are being destroyed from within.

9/11 Truth Utility Pole Banners

Here's activism almost anyone can do. Post banners on utility poles at intersections with stop lights. Bored passengers and drivers are a captive audience.

These are 4" wide banners with enlarged letters. The template file is attached. It is a source of inspiration to me to see some of my surviving banners months after they are placed. The banners say:

The wording was chosen based on the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple Stupid).

The banners last indefinitely, when covered with 2" packaging tape on a metal utility pole. They can also be posted on a wooden utility pole. The banners are on card stock and can last through the Oregon monsoon season.

Use heavy card stock paper, such as semi-vellum 65 lb. BrightHue ULTRA LIME color is an attention grabber. The template file was too large to upload. Print the banner with the largest font available. I use OpenOffice IMPACT 96 point font. Use a commercial copier to cut, paste and expand the font about 150%. Print a copy and scan it at home.

Blockbuster Youtube video for your comments: Cheney in 1994 on Iraq

Youtube video, 560,000 views in 8 hours!!

Please advocate 9-11 truth by posting comments here:

Video of and interview with Vice President Cheney in 1994 saying that invading Iraq would create a quagmire. (This video aired on C-Span)


A Free Method to Spread 911 Truth -- 200 views/minute!

Hi 911 Truthers!

Here is a free method for spreading 911 Truth to a new audience. Search Google Video and Youtube for the most popular videos and post a comment relating them to 911. The better your comment relates the video to 911, the less likely it will be tagged as spam. The most popular videos get over 200 views/minute ! Problem is so many comments are posted that after an hour or so the comment will move off of the first (video) page, so we need everyone to post!

Example one: While searching protest music, I found this one, 'My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words ' (28.6 million views since January):

Did a little research about MCR on Wikipedia and posted this:

"Gerard Way was inspired to form 'My Chemical Romance' after witnessing the planes hit the WTC on 9/11/01. 9-11-01 WTC hero William Rodriguez and many others said the basement exploded and severe injuries occurred before any plane hit! With controlled demolition the basement is destroyed first to make room for the rubble, and in this case vaults filled with gold were in the basement. See Google videos '911 mysteries' and 'Loose Change'."