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9/11 PRE Civil Information Activism Warm Up - RECYCLE - YEG Folk Festival 2013

9/11 PRE Civil Information Activism Warm Up - RECYCLE - YEG Folk Festival 2013: This is an introduction video of 9/11 Civil Information Actions from this weekend's Heritage Days Festival for new activists who are attending next Sunday's August 11, 2013 "The Edmonton Folk Festival" titled as RECYCLE. 9/11 Civil Information Actions have been used for 5th consecutive years during the summer festival season in Edmonton, Alberta Canada that included Heritage Days Festival, Fringe Theatre Festival, Cariwest Parade, Street Performers Festival, The Art Walk Festival and last year for the first time the Stellar Rodeo Festival. Visit the Facebook Event's page for more civil info -

Be The Media - Active Citizenship : Servus Heritage Days 2012

Civil Actions during the Servus Heritage Days, inside Hawrelak Park/ Edmonton AB Canada. (Includes 9/11 ae911Truth material) Saturday August 4, 2012. Civil Activists (9/11 Truthers) Bruce and Doug shared with hundreds of Edmontonians over 260 leaflets, brouchues, 9/11 Investigator newspapers and "The Civil Information Activist" Newsletter, from 1-4 pm, by the front gates and around the park of Heritage Days. Included today were leaflets to help raise funds for local film-maker (9/11 Truther) Teace Snyder's new film "Hold Me" thats presently being filmed in Edmonton and New York City.

The Civil Information Activist

Teace Snyder is the filmmaker behind the short film "Blindfold" found in a previous 9/11 blogger post...

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth : brochures and 9/11 Investigator newspapers can be purchased at

Richard Gage On DEW Theory, Micro Nukes, And The State Of 9/11 Truth

Bob Tuskin interviews Richard Gage on a variety of issues after the Atlanta 911 Truth conference.

Richard Gage specifically talks about the evidence that debunks the so called DEW Theory as well as the idea that micro nukes were used on 9/11.

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Manny Badillo Interviewed By Bob Tuskin On False Flag Terror And Building What Campaign

Here is a video taken on Saturday May 21st 2011 at the Atlanta 9/11 Truth Conference.

Manny Badillo takes about false flag terror in general, the possibility of another attack, and the very successful Building What Campaign.