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The Plane Truth Project REDUX - Wednesday, June 11th - Between 11am - 3pm

Just a reminder if you're in the Philadelphia area or western suburbs on Wednesday, June 11th to LOOK UP! Especially if you hear a low-flying plane.

The plane's 4-hour route will start at 11am in southern NJ, fly to Philadelphia then continue west until reaching West Chester, PA. I'm not sure if the return flight will follow the original.

If you can get a photo or video, please post it. Thanks.

The Summer of Truth, 2008 began early 15 days ago with Blair Gadsby and his hunger strike in Phoenix, Arizona. Now, between Dennis Kucinich introducing his Articles of Impeachment, and Senator Karen Johnson taking her speech to the state floor today, we are off to the races!

Whatever we can do now to place the 9/11 issue in front of as many faces as possible this summer seems really key to me.

Let's go get 'em!


The Plane Truth Project REDUX - June 11th - Look to the skies . . . Summer of Truth, 2008

Aerial banner being flown: Wednesday, June 11th, 11am - 3pm - Philadelphia to West Chester, PA.

Look to the skies for truth . . . If anyone can video tape, please do . . .


July 4th's banner will include the url



Edit: Spelling error in title" "Triuth" to "Truth". Posted post Dave Matthews concert last night (this morning) . . .

A Quick Poll . . . The Plane Truth Project . . . Aerial Banners . . . Summer of Truth, 2008

A Quick Poll . . . Summer of Truth, 2008 . . .

What do YOU, 9/11 Blogger reader, think would be the most effective words, websites, google "this", etc . . . to put on an aerial banner?

This is a true marketing strategy . . . What will grab the most viewers' attention, the average American, who by now isn't totally oblivious to our current government's pattern of overt lies and deceit . . . What will make them want to learn more, or be angry enough to try to disprove it . . . ?

Here are the parameters: 45 characters, including spaces. All caps. No swearing or porn.

I've come up with 20 or 30 ideas . . . but would like outside input from the experts . . .

For July 4th, I'm thinking: "BE A PATRIOT, VISIT PATRIOTSQUESTION911.COM" or something like that. I also plan on another banner to tie in the troops "still dying for the 9/11 lie" as well as using "SOS" somewhere . . .

The plane banners will be flown on:

June 11th (Philadelphia to Exton, PA - 4 hours of High Exposure . . . )
July 4th (NJ shore, Cape May to Sandy Hook)
July 11th (" " )
August 11th (" ")

The Plane Truth Project

A group of concerned citizens paid an aerial banner company $700 dollars to fly a banner for two hours over Dallas and the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament. We think this is an easily doable means of reaching masses of people. As a "Week of Truth" project, we could simultaneously launch banners across America this summer. Think: FOURTH of JULY!

Thanks to TomT for the heads up.

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North Texans for 911 Truth - Bold - Courageous - Honor

The Plane Truth Project REDUX* - At the Jersey Shore: June 11, (maybe July 4th), July 11 and August 11th . . .

A huge thanks to Joe, and all, at "North Texans for 911 Truth" for creating and initiating the Plane Truth Project!!

I thought their idea was simplistically brilliant - remember KISS in high school (and I don't mean the band)?

So, duplicating their 9/11 truth action of May 11th, I am very excited to announce that a company has just been booked to fly an aerial 9/11 Truth banner across the Jersey Shore skies north from Cape May, the southern tip of New Jersey to Sandy Hook, NJ, on June 11, July 11 and August 11.

I am thinking, now, that I'll probably choose a different area for the banner to be flown on June 11th, since not too many people will be at the beach yet. I'm also looking into adding July 4th at the Jersey Shore, and possibly September 11th in NYC. (How cool would that be? V for Vendetta-esque.) There are new flight/zoning restrictions for NYC, but I was just told that they're still allowed to fly along the Manhattan River. Does anyone know if a banner could be seen from street level in Lower or mid Manhattan, in between buildings?