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Former Afghan Ambassador claims US had prior knowledge of 9-11


In a 2010 memoir, the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan during 9-11 and ex-Guantanamo detainee Abdul Salam Zaeef claims that the United States had advanced foreknowledge of 9-11. In the months leading up to 9-11, he was approached by the US ambassador to Pakistan (William Milam) and informed that Osama Bin Laden was about to attack America. To quote (p. 138)......

Charlie Wilson vs Osama bin Laden


Short, straight, and to the point.

Charlie Wilson vs Osama bin Laden

Posted January 2, 2008 | 10:40 AM (EST)

The movie Charlie Wilson's War is good light hearted entertainment which can also trigger a serious discussion about a pivotal and painful event in recent history. It is based on a book which records the true story, a sober, almost unbelievable account of one man's power to earmark billions of dollars with the help of the Speaker of the House whose motivation was to protect a "good buddy" from embarrassment.

Charlie Wilson, described by Molly Ivins as a "pussy hound" is a swashbuckling, heavy drinking, dope sniffing all American Texan that the guys in the bar can admire.

When told stories of the Soviets cutting the throats of children and bayoneting babies in the wombs of Afghan women, Charlie appropriately weeps.

After brief moments of culture at the Kennedy Center he works out sexually in his well placed Washington apartment. We cheer for Charlie and hope that he'll stay sober and score big.