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Air America 9/11 Special

Tonight on Air America Radio - A 9/11 Special
Tonight, on the 6th anniversary of September 11th, Richard Greene will host a two-hour Special Report on 9/11, on "CLOUT!" on Air America Radio challenging the official account of 9/11 and creating a "CLOUTFORCE" to continue the investigation. The show will be broadcast from 8-10 pm ET across America on and on the following Air America stations.

Richard had Ed Asner and Dr. Ben "F You, Mr. Cheney" Marble on last night. Tonight he leads off with 9/11 Widow and "Jersey Girl", Lorie Van Auken and also has ... President, Janice Matthews.

CLOUT! is "Do Something Radio" and the goal of tonight's show will be to generate momentum to lobby Congress to re-open (or start) the 9/11 investigations in order to answer the myriad outstanding and unanswered questions that still persist, 6 years later. Go to for more information on the show. (see below).

Transcript of 'One Minute Rant' To Air Thursday on The Sam Seder Show on Air America

Update: Recording can be found here under 3/15/07, hour 3, segment 2 at about 4:45 into the clip.

Last month we won an auction for 1 minute of air time on Air America - specifically on the Sam Seder show. This 1 minute rant will air tomorrow (Thursday, March 15th) in the 3rd hour of the show which should be between 11AM and 12PM EST. Unfortunately 1 minute is not enough time to get much across. All I can hope is that we turn on at least a handful of honest Americans to stand up for our cause.

Here is the transcript:

In August of 2006, 9/11 family members released a statement questioning the "entire veracity" of the 9/11 Commission report. [1]

In September of 2006, a documentary entitled "9/11: Press For Truth" was released, and family members at the National Press Club called for a new investigation into the events of 9/11. [2]

In October of 2006 a New York Times poll found that only 16 percent of Americans believe the Bush administration is telling the truth about 9/11. [3]

NONE of these stories were covered by the so called 'progressive media'.

(It is time for the 'progressive media' to start covering these stories.)

It is time to stop pretending that the very basis of the so-called 'war on terror' is the ONLY subject that the Bush administration has NOT lied about.

Please visit, google video, or for more information on 9/11: Press For Truth. And visit, or to start researching 9/11 today.

This is Michael Wolsey of on behalf of, thank you for your time.


You can listen to the show live here:

I would encourage users here to make their voices heard tomorrow by reaching out and challenging others in the 'progressive media'. You can email into the Sam Seder show at samsedershow{at}, call into the show at 866-303-2270, or post comments on the show's online blog here.

While the money will eventually end up in the coffers of the YearlyKos convention (a not too friendly place for 9/11 skeptics), I hope that it still serves a greater purpose in getting even just one minute of challenging 9/11 onto the national airwaves (you know, since Mike Malloy is gone and all). But don't worry, I am quite sure that the YearlyKos convention will have a sizable 9/11 contention when it hits Chicago this August (more), and that the 9/11 community will make sure Air America hears us tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who chipped into this fundraiser, and to Michael Wolsey for doing the recording for us. We hope to have a recording of the show by tomorrow afternoon, if you can rip it and share it please do so! Wins DailyKos Fund Raiser for 1 Minute of Airtime on Air America's Sam Seder Show

In an interesting and somewhat ironic twist, tonight won a bid for 1 minute of airtime on Air America Radio - specifically on 'The Sam Seder Show'.

'The Sam Seder Show' is a progressive radio show which airs weekdays from 9am to noon weekdays on Air America, and which I frequently listen to on my lunch break. Sam routinely hosts leaders of the 'progressive blogosphere' on his show including Markos - the founder of, and the sponsor of the 1 minute give away. The contest (details here) was part of a fund raiser for their YearlyKos Convention - which is where the 'ironic' part comes in.

There have been numerous visitors of this site who have had run-ins on DailyKos when discussing 9/11. Most notably a number of users here have been banned for not following the rules specifically laid out regarding 9/11 in the DailyKos FAQ. While some blog entries regarding 9/11 have received overwhelming support by their community, 9/11 is rarely a topic of any real focus, and more frequently the cause of banning other 'progressives' who are perhaps a bit too progressive.

This 1 minute spot on Air America will be a chance for the 9/11 community to have the ear of not only Air America listeners, but the owner of DailyKos and the larger 'progressive blogosphere' as well. It is my intention to use this spot to direct a message at these groups in regards to their overall handling of 9/11 news. While Markos has commented on being called a 'gatekeeper' before, it is time that criticisms of these 'progressives' in regards to their handling of 9/11 news be given a voice - if only for 60 seconds.

So, if you had 1 minute to say whatever you wanted on Air America, what would you say? What news do you think they should have covered and didn't? What changes would you like to see happen regarding the 'left' and the discussion of 9/11? Post some quick thoughts, or perhaps write up an actual script - just be sure it would fit in 1 minute. We will be checking out ideas and coming up with our 1 minute spot over the next week or so and we will post new details as they come up.

It is worth noting that this year's YearlyKos in August will be in Chicago, recent home to a major 9/11 convention. We hope that many will make plans to attend this event to make the voice of the 9/11 community heard - whether from the inside or from the outside of their community.

A big thanks to everyone who chipped in to our advertising fund raiser, we hope that this use of the funds will have a large bang for their buck!