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Lionel talks conspiracy theories..

In the past, before Lionel went on Air America, he would regularly talk about 9/11 and blow the OCT to pieces. He was on late night in NY. Then after his move to Air America he went silent on the subject, I'm not condoning this silence, but it's obvious he doesn't want to be "Rosied". In his blog on the last 9/11 Anniversary he criticised Alex Jones for taking over the 9/11 movement and alienating people, there was a lot of hyperbole in his rant, but that was the general thrust of what he said. I'm not sure that was wise either, agree or disagree with AJ.

Anyway, a main stream Air America host talking about Conspiracy, so hear it is:

Thom Hartmann talks to callers about anthrax, northwoods and JFK today on Air America

Friday February 15, 2008
Thom Hartmann talks with callers about the anthrax attacks on Congress, Operation Northwoods and the investigation of the assasination of JFK

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Kevin Ryan Debates Michael Shermer transcript


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Thom Hartmann Show, November 8, 2007
Kevin Ryan and Michael Shermer Debate
What Really Happened on 9/11

[The transcript below begins as Host Thom Hartmann is explaining some background relating to his research into the JFK assassination, about an hour an eight minutes into the unedited recording of the show at .]

TH: I’m very skeptical of anybody who says I know exactly what went on, or I know exactly what didn’t go on. So my position is very agnostic on this. I think it's going to take – I mean, here we are, with the JFK assassination, 40 years later, 44 years later – I think it's gonna take a long time to figure out. That said, a good healthy discussion, a good healthy debate and raising the questions and for that matter raising the answers to the questions, is a reasonable and healthy thing.

Air America/Thom Hartman 9/11 Truth Debate: Kevin Ryan vs. Michael Shermer MP3

After working with my freeware Audacity wave editor ( all afternoon, I've managed to compile a relatively complete audio version of the debate (from hours 1 & 2) that is generally commercial-free.

Here is the Putfile link:

In case you have trouble downloading it from there (as opposed to just listening to it) you can get the full 41.38 MB MP3 file at the following (somewhat slow) link:

Also, mirrored for QUICK download here.

Thank you, Kevin! It was a good debate!

"Air America 'Clout' Features Truthers"

Google Blogs Alert for: 9/11 inside job

Air America "Clout" features Truthers
By The Lonewacko Blog

Air America Radio's new "Clout" program - hosted by nobody Richard Greene, located at, and heard late evenings in cow pastures throughout Karnes, TX and elsewhere - apparently will feature the continuing presence of "Truthers", sources say. Previously, ex-AARer, ex-cutie, and troubled "liberal" Janeane Garofalo seemed to claim that 9/11 was an inside job. And, Randi Rhodes hinted at LIHOP. Ex-AARer and joke Senatorial candidate Al Franken pledged to "take a look" at a Truther video.

BoreAmerica -

Hartmann Takes Over Franken's Air America Spot

The fact that Thom Hartmann is taking over Al Franken's spot on Air America is important because Hartmann is open to 9/11 truth.

Even though Air America went bankrupt, it might get out of the red and stabilize under new management.

People should call in and support Hartmann's coverage of 9/11 truth.

Thom's current contact info is below (it might change once he takes over on Air America):

The caller comment line, which you can call and on which you can leave a message 24 hours a day, is 503 323-6620. The toll-free number to call into the show (the only reliable way to actually talk with Thom if you're a listener and want to discuss politics) is 866-440-THOM (8466)