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(triggered by the publications of Paul Schreyer)

Any scientific approach towards a subject tries to investigate with different methods and viewpoints from different angles, using experience and logic and the tool bar of the specific science branch. This includes btw. theories too, but even theories must be based on the facts which do not fit together without those theories.
 9/11 has in general to be viewed from the two perspectives “attack” and “defense”  If we stick to the word “war” for the 9/11 event we may compare it with the approach  used by historians and people in general throughout the centuries: every citizen is interested not only in the attacks, but also in the defense of his country. A lost battle would always produce the question about the system of defense and the persons who were responsible for it. Even when investigating a simple car accident  every judge would not only ask what the undoubtedly wrongly driving car had done but also what the hit cardriver could have done to prevent the accident or to minimize the effect of the crash.

Loren Hanks, Air Force Maj. Reserve and Congressional Candidate, Asked About Lack of 9/11 Air Defense

At one of Bill Clintons stops during the run up to the November Elections I ran into Congressional Rep. Mike Thompsons opponent, Loren Hanks.

Loren is a Major in the Air Force Reserves. I asked him about our air defense on 9/11 and he kindly gave me the time I asked for.

He seems to leave our discussion interested in learning more.

As I am posting this on Nov 3rd, I am finding out that Loren Hanks did not win the Congressional Seat for the 1st District of California.


9/11 Truth, Part 6 of 11: Air Defense “Failures”, Simultaneous War Games & Continuity of Government

feedback, ideas, link/logic/fact checking, etc. appreciated. This one is too long, i think, and i still could've put a lot more stuff into it, but my goal is mainly to introduce info to new people and interest them in following the links, i'm just summarizing research others have done.

9/11 Truth, Part 6 of 11: Air Defense “Failures”, Simultaneous War Games & Continuity of Government“failures”-simultaneous-war-games-continuity-of-government/

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This article summarizes some of the events concerning the 4 hijacked flights on 9/11, provides information on standard air defense procedures and warnings received prior to 9/11 and gives a brief overview of the multiple war games and military operations surrounding 9/11, including Continuity of Government planning. Links are provided for more in depth research.

Air Defense “Failures”:

Flight 11:

Midwest Pilot Almost Hit Plane On 9/11 (Touching History)

Wait; are they suuurre that wasn't a missile surrounded by a hologram? Well, it's just establishment propaganda anyway; i do hope someone or many are checking it for new info, contradictions, lies, distortions, slip-ups and the like, i don't have the time (or the brains)

Midwest Pilot Almost Hit Plane On 9/11
Associated Press

MILWAUKEE - Midwest Airlines pilot Gerald Earwood was flying about 100 miles west of New York when he first noticed what seemed like wisps of smoke coming off the World Trade Center.

Roughly 15 minutes later, Earwood and co-pilot Eric Fjelstad were frantically maneuvering their DC-9 jet to avoid colliding with United Airlines Flight 175, the second airplane to hit the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. Their work, following orders from air traffic controllers, saved the lives of about 30 passengers and five crew members of Midwest Flight 7.

A minute or so later, United 175 -- which also came close to colliding with other planes that morning -- struck the south tower of the World Trade Center.

An Important Reminder (Top 11, posted by mradwin at Austin DWI Lawyer)

An Important Reminder

Posted by mradwin in June 15th, 2008

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I often find that if I don't remind myself of the facts, I tend to lose solid belief in the truth. I know that the facts are there, but the things they stand for become far-fetched in my mind. The government attacking the World Trade Center? Attacking the most decorated US naval ship in history? Funding both side of every war? A secret society taking over the world? None of it could be true...But it is. So, here is the top eleven reasons 9/11 was an inside job. Just so all of you can be reminded. Brought to you by