"Al-Qaeda" Planning Nuclear Attacks On 7 U.S. Cities

* Evidence the Saudi intelligence service claims bin Laden has an arsenal of between 40 and 70 tactical nuclear weapons

* Russian sources that claim bin Laden bought 12 to 15 fully assembled nuclear weapons

Williams maintains that al-Qaida is not content on blowing up one nuclear device or even simply a "dirty" nuke — but wants to explode real nuclear devices in seven U.S. cities simultaneously.

I normally just laugh at this stuff, but this is a chilling article. In fact it's the third time in a matter of weeks I've heard Mueller pushing the "nuclear threat" from "Al-Qaeda". Tell me these lunatics aren't gonna set off a goddman nuclear bomb.

May 31, 2007

Al-Qaida Plans Nuclear Attacks On 7 U.S. Cities

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The newly released book "The Day of Islam: The Annihilation of America and the Western World," (Prometheus Books) paints a frightening picture of al-Qaida's nuclear ambitions — one every American must read.

Seasoned investigative reporter and former FBI consultant Paul Williams reveals the alarming potential for nuclear terrorism on U.S. soil and the sinister connections among organized crime, illegal immigrants, and al-Qaida.