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How to interview a war criminal: Donald Rumsfeld Edition

Al Jazeera's Abderrahim Foukara asks the former US defense secretary whether he made adequate preparations to avoid the thousands of lives lost in Iraq.

Foukara attempted to ask his question again. He wondered if Rumsfeld felt responsibility felt responsibility for "tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis killed by the coalition," as well as by the "criminals" who Rumsfeld had blamed for much of the violence in the country. Rumsfeld didn't even attempt to answer the question. He accused Foukara of asking him "pejorative" questions, and told him he though it was in his "being" and "nature" to be disrespectful."

"This is not about me," Foukara said. "If you want to attack me personally, fine, but give me the answer to the question."


Al Jazeera English - What do you think?

Note: I think this is a good time to suggest Al Jazeera English cover the topic of 9/11 truth as thoroughly as they can.


Al Jazeera English - What do you think?

Added: July 08, 2007

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