Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda moves to wherever neocons want them to be

Lucky for the neocons, who don't seem interested in Afghanistan anymore (now that the pipeline is in the works), Al Qaeda, that elusive would-be terrorist network, is moving to where the neocons want them: the Middle East. Do you think Al Qaeda will be merged with Iran in the coming weeks? Obviously, the article suggests Iraq is the new center of operations, a convenient twist for an administration that made bogus claims about Hussein and Bin Laden being in bed together. Now, Bush will claim, the US can't leave Iraq because it has become the center of the "global war on terra"....

Al Qaeda Members Moving to Middle East, Amid Speculation About Bin Laden

"Al Qaeda has scaled down its leadership structure in Afghanistan and is poised to shift its main decision making to somewhere in the Middle East, possibly Iraq, senior Arab officials have revealed to CBS News, as speculation continues over the fate of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden."

Revealed: Pakistani ISI pulling the strings of Al Qaeda

A defenant in a major British terror trial has revealed in his testimony that the Pakistani ISI "played a role in training Islamic militants". The ISI then threatened his family. This is what happens when a real trial occurs. This is why Bush wants secret trials for this "enemy combatants". If doesn't have them, the truth might actually come out.,1,2188283.story?coll=la-headlines-world&track=crosspromo

Terrorism Defendant Cites Fear of Pakistan
By Sebastian Rotella and Janet Stobart
Times Staff Writers

September 20, 2006

LONDON — A major terrorism trial here was interrupted Tuesday when a defendant accused Pakistan's intelligence service of threatening his relatives in the South Asian nation after he testified that the spy agency played a role in training Islamic militants.

Omar Khyam, an accused leader among seven men charged in 2004 with stockpiling half a ton of explosives in an Al Qaeda-linked bombing plot, took the stand Tuesday long enough to refuse to continue his testimony. The judge temporarily adjourned the trial, which began in March.

On Monday, Khyam stunned his own lawyer when he declared that his relatives in Pakistan had been intimidated in recent days by agents of the powerful Inter-Services Intelligence agency, which has a shadowy history of contacts with Islamic extremist networks.

A List of Captured or Killed al Qaeda in Iraq #2’s


I’ve tried to make it easier to list all of the al Qaeda in Iraq #2’s I’ve been keeping track of for the last year. Here’s the complete list to the best of my knowledge. As of today, there are 39.

Hamed Jumaa Farid al-Saeedi, aka Abu Humam, aka Abu Rana (9-3-06)

  • al Qaeda in Iraq’s “second most senior member.”

Mansur Suleiman al-Mashhadani (6-20-06)

  • Zarqawi’s “a right-hand man”

Mohammed Hila Hammad Obeidi (4-06-06)

  • “said to have close ties to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi”

Abu al-Farouq (2-27-06)