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Limbaugh Attacks "Democrat Kook" Alex Jones On Plane Crash Story

Limbaugh Attacks "Democrat Kook" Alex Jones On Plane Crash Story
Laughs off notion Bush admin. got political gas mileage out of accident, yet admits it himself - attacks 9/11 truth movement

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | October 13 2006

In the second hour of his nationally syndicated show Thursday, Rush Limbaugh attacked Alex Jones, Prison and the 9/11 truth movement, for suggesting that the Cory Lidle plane crash affected the upcoming election by invoking memories of 9/11 - when it was Fox News and Limbaugh himself that pitched this spin.

Here's the relevant segment from the Thursday October 12th broadcast.

"Ladies and gentlemen during the break a friend of mine sent me an e mail - I don't visit the Democrat kook websites much anymore but a friend does - (laughs) it's just funny."

Ken Jenkins on Alex Jones today.

David Ray Griffin

Alex welcomes the Theologist and Author David Ray Griffin to discuss the ongoing struggle for 9/11 Truth and the recent rise in hit-pieces against the movement in the media.

(Edit: looks like no DRG today.)

Ken Jenkins

Later Alex speaks with award winning video and media producer, 9/11 Truth Activist and the producer of several of David Ray Griffin'works, Ken Jenkins, about his efforts on Griffin's newest video, 9/11 The Myth and The Reality.

Google at it Again????

Google seems to be playing the games with all 9/11 videos. Terrorstorm was knocked out of the top
10 videos a couple weeks ago, with Google admitting an "ERROR" in the counter system. Well now that the video has come back to be #83 on most watched list, Google has frozen the counter. For over 5 days the counter has remained at under 160,000. People are going crazy on the google comment section...

Here is the link... then click "comments" to see..

Alex Jones Radio *SPECIAL* 09-11-01 Broadcast AM 4Parts

This is amazing; he even has an eyewitness in NY who's also a Structural Engineer who states that the Towers collapses’ were “perfect controlled demolitions”. So there was an eyewitness Structural Engineer saying they were demoed ON THE DAY! All this bullshit from “popular mechanics” about no Structural Engineers blah blah blah is a TON OF CRAP!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Ashcroft Responds To 9/11 Foreknowledge Charges

Ashcroft Responds To 9/11 Foreknowledge Charges
Former Attorney General confronted on radio show, claims reports he stopped flying commercial before September 11 2001 false, war on terror not a money making scheme for some

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | October 10 2006

Former Attorney General John Ashcroft has been confronted on a nationally syndicated radio show about why he stopped flying commercial before 9/11 and other issues of government complicity in the attacks. Ashcroft's terse and evasive responses to the questions do not match the facts.

After accepting an invitation to briefly appear with Ashcroft on Chicago's Mancow program, radio host Alex Jones grilled the former Governor of Missouri on why he was warned to avoid using commercial airliners in the weeks before 9/11.

U.S. Government Caught Red-Handed Releasing Staged Al-Qaeda Videos

This could be big, post your thoughts in the comments below.  If this turns out to be ironclad, we can organize a major campaign to the media and members of congress. Thanks to Boast for the scoop:

Immediate Congressional investigation demanded, media oversight of clear and deliberate psychological warfare against American population non-existent

Revelations that the US government had been in possession of footage released on Sunday depicting alleged Al-Qaeda hijackers and Osama Bin Laden since 2001 and evidence that the footage itself was filmed by security agencies, went unquestioned by the media - who blindly towed the official line that the tape was released by Al-Qaeda. This is smoking gun proof that the U.S. government is staging the release of alleged Al-Qaeda tapes and it demands an immediate Congressional investigation.

Segments of the video that were interspersed with footage of the "laughing hijackers," Jarrah and Atta, showing Bin Laden giving a speech to an audience in Afghanistan on January 8 2000, were culled from what terror experts describe as surveillance footage taken by a "security agency."

Video Download: Alex Jones - June 2, 2006

Alex Jones, Keynote Address from the "9/11: Revealing the Truth / Reclaiming Our Future" conference, held in Chicago, June 2-4th, 2006

Alex Jones lays it down like no other, condensing an amazing amount of information into his keynote speech. The focus is a history of False Flag terror from Rome to modern times. Similar in intent to his Terrorstorm documentary, Jones adds in some new anecdotes in an energetic delivery.

Type: AVI Video (DivX codec required - recommended players: VLC media player or the commercial DivX player)
Duration: 1:14:08
Bit rate: 128 kbps
Dimensions: 352x272
Size: 349 MB

Download location #1:
911podcast server.

Download location #2:
Internet Archive.

(This is public domain material, if you can set up a .torrent, please do, and put the link in the comments area below.)

Pulse 5 911 ~ 5 Years of The War and Terror

5 year anniversary video for the terrorist acts of 911
Click Image to Download the VIDEO 66 mgs 19.11 minutes

Video coverage of the 5th anniversary of the 911 terrorist attacks. Featuring Alex Jones, Immortal Technique, Mumia Abu Jamal, Korey Rowe and Random Americans.

5 years ago I went from totally apathetic average Amer'can to guerilla video activist in a matter of weeks .. because of 911. After 5 years of struggling to expose the repression inherit in the system and gain underground media expose for the various causes that have sprung up since 9.11.01 .. I'm amazed at how stubborn people can be when it comes to defending their opinions.. especially when they have no facts to back those opinions. If I thought I'd still need to be doing this 5 years later.. I'm not sure I would have begun.

Her Majesty's Terrorist Network

Former UK Intelligence Agent Kevin Fulton blows the whistle on how he and others were used by the British government to carry out false flag terror attacks that were blamed on the IRA.

Article, with link to audio, here.


This is the first time for me to write on a blog, I have done all of the research, and am into my 2nd year of understanding on what is happening to our country!
My main reason for starting this blog is this.. The polls show that over 1/2 of America believes that 9/11 was an
inside job.....Okay......So, why aren't people doing something about this? Our gov't is so corrupt from the bottom up
and most people inderstand this, but when I bring it up to all of the people that I deal with, most people look
at me as though I am crazy when I ask a few simple, gentle questions. Where are the 50%?? Why are people
so lost?? I feel so alone in this world, where our freedoms are being stripped away? Is it all just blogs and talk?
Or is something really going to change? With the Nov. Elections coming, I really feel that we are too lost, and too late.
I am doing what I can, and I do it everyday, but I feel as though I am running up a muddy hill. We have such a
MONSTER against us.... I am asking for advice? What do you think we are going to accomplish...especially
with rigged electronic voting machines, RFID cards mandated by 2008, and we are stuck with George W till
2008, who will create another false flag against Iran, or any other country he chooses. The list goes on and on as you well know. Can you feel my pain. Here is my delimma... Do I keep trying my best..One by one

VIDEO: Homeland Security Troops yell at Alex Jones in New York

You Tube | September 14 2006

Homeland Security Troops yell at Alex Jones in New York after a wrestling event on September 11, 2006.

Report on Protests from NYC

Just got a first hand report from JR Guerra as to the activities this morning in NYC.

First off, he said that the protests at Ground Zero this morning went well. He approximated 2,000 activists at Ground Zero and said there was no provocation and that everyone behaved well. He said that Korey Rowe had handed out 800 copies of LC2E, and 200+ t-shirts. He said that once they had left Ground Zero they went to the financial district to protest in front of Spitzer's office and Silverstein's office, and that the police were very nice and had blocked off all of Broadway street for them. He said that they were currently on the way to city hall and were still running strong with a very large group of protesters.

So, since I can't find anyone at all reporting on it I think this is the first report, please post other reports in the comments as you come across them.

Big thanks to JR Guerra for the first hand info!

Father Of 9/11 Victim Says Government Ran Attack As Media Hit Pieces Continue

Emotional shell game accusation of 'disgracing victim's memories' doesn't jive anymore

Another 9/11 family member has gone public to rubbish the conspiracy theory that the attacks were planned and executed by nineteen incompetent Arabs with box cutters who were getting drunk in a strip club the night before and barely even made it to the airport on time. Meanwhile, hit pieces against the 9/11 truth movement continue in the lead up to the fifth anniversary of the event.

A familiar emotional shell game on the part of the debunkers is to proclaim that questioning any aspect of 9/11 disgraces the memory of the victims. This tactic is clearly not working anymore especially in light of the fact that Bill Doyle, representative of the largest group of 9/11 family members - says that half now completely distrust the official version of events.