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On the Manipulation of the 9/11 Research Community


On the Manipulation of the 9/11 Research Community

Jim Fetzer

“The Dynamic Duo” radio show of 17 May 2007, Genesis Communications Network,, Channel 2. A few bracketed phrases have been added here for clarity.

Transcribed by Jeannon Kralj


PART 1 of 8:

This is Jim Fetzer, your host with Kevin Barrett, where you can catch The Boy Wonder here on Mondays and Fridays, and I’m here Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. You can, that is, unless he’s off in Morocco trying to track down one of those alleged suicide hijackers. He speaks fluent French and Arabic and, of course, he is a convert to Islam, and I think if anyone can pull of this stunt, it’s going to be Kevin. So I look forward to hopefully even having him on the show so he can talk about what he’s discovered while he’s over there.

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UPDATE - Alex Jones interviews Jim Marrs and David Ray Griffin - 5-10-2007

Alex Jones interviews Jim Marrs on latest JFK info and his 9/11 book "The Terror Conspiracy". Followed by interview with David Ray Griffin.

Show starts with a short discussion about Tarpley's FOX appearance.

Streaming loop at;

UPDATED Putfile stream;

9/11 and the Evil in America

This sent in by

"9/11 and the Evil in America" was broadcast last year on Rupert Murdoch's SkyNews network, and was recently re-broadcast. This time someone had their act together and got a .torrent out there. Surprisingly leans toward the "alternative" side, not the OCT, at least, the majority of points of view presented in the documentary are alternative, not OCT.

British TV personality Danny Wallace interviews Nick Levis, Alex Jones, Wayne Madsen, Don Paul, John Rappoport, Daniel Hopsicker and others on 9/11 skepticism.

Alex Jones Interviews 9/11 Family Member Bob McIlvaine

Thanks to 911veritas

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The discussion is mostly about the new petition filed with NIST.

Alex Jones' "Terrorstorm" to play Oslo Documentary Film Festival - April 20th

Alex Jones' Terrorstorm will be playing at the Oslo Documentary Film Cinema, sponsored by Norway's Le Monde Diplo, on April 20th. Congratulations to Ola Tunander and everyone else involved in making this happen.

Ad in Norway Le Monde Diplo (bottom of page):

Norwegian coverage at Torstein Viddal's blog:

Debunking NY Post's Tabloid Hit Piece On Sheen/O'Donnell

By the Amazing Watson Bros. over at Prison Planet:

"Debunking NY Post's Tabloid Hit Piece On Sheen/O'Donnell"

The New York Post has produced a typically and purposefully ignorant hit piece against both Rosie O'Donnell and Charlie Sheen for going public with their views on 9/11, commenting that they should "keep their traps shut".

As far as hit pieces go, gossip writer Richard Johnson's scribe is about as sophisticated as a Chicago Bears fan after a heavy drinking session, but considering his other stories today were about Paul McCartney sending a bunch of flowers and Jay-Z making a bet with the editor of Playboy, we shouldn't expect too much.

The piece, clearly aimed at those who don't have the attention span to read the entire word "Hollywood," headlined as it is "H'Wood," labels Sheen as a "hooker-loving Hollywood hunk," denounces his father, Martin Sheen, for having been arrested in the past for protesting and calls Loose Change a "loopy YouTube documentary."

Rosie O' donnell: goes full throttle - FRONT PAGE WTC 7 blog post & mention of Alex Jones!

Rosie has gone farther than she ever has before by posting on the front page of as a news update the following..............

wtc 7 -

Posted by ro on March 15th at 4:38pm in in the news

at 5 30 pm
9 11 2001
wtc7 collapsed

for the third time in history
fire brought down a steel building
reducing it to rubble

hold on folks
here we go

• The fires in WTC 7 were not evenly distributed, so a perfect collapse was impossible.
• Silverstein said to the fire department commander “the smartest thing to do is pull it.”
• Firefighters withdrawing from the area stated the building was going to “blow up”.
• The roof of WTC 7 visibly crumbled and the building collapsed perfectly into its footprint.
• Molten steel and partially evaporated steel members were found in the debris.

Alex Jones at the University of Texas Union Ballroom

Introduced by fellow GCN radio host Jack Blood, Alex gives an hour long speech at the Project For the New American Citizen event which was held at the University of Texas Union Ballroom. In his presentation Alex discusses the Bush family's ties to Hitler, the overthrow of Mossadegh in 1950's Iran, the Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11 and the collapse of the twin towers.

Alex Jones Interviews Guy Smith, Producer of BBC 9/11 Hit Piece

Alex Jones interviewed Guy Smith, producer of BBC 'Conspiracy Files: 9/11', today on his show. He also had on Dylan Avery and Paul Joseph Watson as well.

7MB Trimmed MP3 (mirror)

Definitely worth the listen.

Update: Updated post with trimmed MP3 from

Big thanks to for the original rip, and Bozo for the trimmed MP3!

More Ground Zero Heroes On The Record: Building 7 Was Deliberately Brought Down

Testimony of multiple rescue personnel that they were told Building 7 was going to be imploded means FEMA, NIST, Silverstein Properties and federal government all lied, revelations demand immediate grand jury inquiry into insurance fraud, vindicates call for new independent 9/11 investigation

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Prison Planet
Friday, February 9, 2007

Two more ground zero emergency rescue personnel are on the record as stating they were told Building 7 was going to be brought down on 9/11 hours before its symmetrical implosion, completely contradicting the official explanation of accidental collapse.

The new revelations provoke urgent questions about how a building was rigged with explosives within hours when such a process normally takes weeks or months and why the decision was taken to demolish the building amidst the chaos of the situation on that day.

Yesterday we reported on the testimony of an anonymous EMT named Mike who told Loose Change producer Dylan Avery that hundreds of emergency rescue personnel were told over bullhorns that Building 7, a 47 story skyscraper adjacent the twin towers that was not hit by a plane yet imploded symmetrically later in the afternoon on 9/11, was about to be "pulled" and that a 20 second radio countdown preceded its collapse.

Shortly after this article was released we uncovered more astounding testimony of ground zero rescue workers who are fully public and on the record in repeating the same claims, that Building 7 was brought down deliberately and that its collapse was not accidental as the government claims.

Debunking Popular Mechanics series: The "Real NORAD" tapes

" This is a rough cut of an up comming series on "Debunking Popular Mechanics". The 911 book they released was researched by "suspicious chatacters" and just added to the controversy and questions that already sourround 911. This is an attemp to try and set the record straight with facts. It will prove that NORAD was not the "bubbling idiots" that Popular Mechanics would like to portray them as........ -- recorded for historical accuracy 013007 - 013107"

David Lynch Questions 9/11 On National U.S. Radio

David Lynch

David Lynch Questions 9/11 On National U.S. Radio -

David Lynch Questions 9/11 On National U.S. Radio Iconoclastic director of upcoming Inland Empire, Twin Peaks & The Elephant Man says there's "more than meets the eye" to what people saw on September 11

Iconoclastic film director David Lynch has publicly questioned the official story of 9/11 on national U.S. radio, joining the Alex Jones Show to reiterate views that he first raised on Dutch television in December.

Lynch has directed a host of popular movies and television favorites, including Eraserhead, Dune, The Elephant Man and Mulholland Drive. He was also the creative force behind the Twin Peaks television series in the 80s. Lynch is currently enjoying rave reviews for his latest release Inland Empire.

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