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Interview with Jarek Kupsc - Writer/Director;The Reflecting Pool

Jarek Kupsc

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by Jim Cirile

New feature film The Reflecting Pool may just be the All the President's Men of our time. No, it doesn't have Hoffman and Redford. But it is a chilling and important fact-based investigative drama.

Writer/director Jarek Kupsc (Slumberland) stars as Alex Prokop, a successful hard-hitting Russian/American journalist. As a last gasp before corporate takeover, his editor (Lisa Black) hands Prokop a bombshell assignment -- investigate the official version of 9-11. Prokop, dismissive of 9-11 skeptics, reluctantly teams with grieving father Paul Cooper (the outstanding Joseph Culp) to investigate. After losing his daughter in the attacks, Cooper transformed himself into a 9-11 expert -- at the expense of his marriage. As Prokop and Cooper kick at the hornets’ nest, a sickening, carefully orchestrated pattern of deceit emerges – and Prokop finds publishing the story may mean curtains on his career.

Impeachment and Movement Building Show with David Swanson, Cynthia Papermaster and Larry Pinkney Feb 25, 10-12 pm CST

David Swanson

Cynthia Papermaster

Larry Pinkney

Listen 10:00- 11:00 pm (CST) to the and to our guests- in the first hour David Swanson and Cynthia Papermaster speaking about the growing Impeachment Movement.

Listen 11:00- 12:00 pm (CST) to the and to our guest- in the second hour Larry Pinkney on building movements.

Psychological Warfare Radio Show with Brent Jessop and Ken Jenkins, Feb 18, 9-11 pm CST

Brent Jessop

Ken Jenkins

Listen 7:00- 9:00 pm (PST) to the and to our guests- in the first hour Brent Jessop and in the second hour Ken Jenkins.

Brent Jessop is the webmaster of According to Brent- The purpose of his website is quite simple: to spread knowledge.

Weather Warfare Radio Show with Jerry Smith, February 11, 2008 9-11 pm (CST)

Jerry Smith

Weather Warfare

Listen 9:00- 11:00 pm (CST) to the and to our guest Jerry E. Smith.

Jerry E. Smith began his professional career as a writer, lecturer and
editor back in 1969. His bibliography of published works includes scores of articles and reviews, over a dozen ghost-written books, and three non-fiction works. His newest book is
"WEATHER WARFARE: The Military's Plan to Draft Mother Nature."
It is a follow up to his
1998 best seller "HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy."

Stopping the Next 9/11 Radio Show with Steve Alten, author of the Shell Game, January 21, 9-11 pm (CST)

Steve Alten

The Shell Game- available January 22, 2008

Listen 9:00- 11:00 pm (EST) to the and to our guest Steve Alten author of The Shell Game.

Steve Alten is a best-selling author who has written a number of thrillers, including The Loch, The Meg Series, Goliath and Resurrection. A gifted storyteller, he has plunged into history, myth, religion, science, politics, and asked "What if?" creating enthralling tales which have captivated a large audience, including teenagers who have discovered the joy of reading through his books.

Utne Reader Covers 9/11 Truth in January-February 2008 Issue

Paul Constant's article on the 9/11 truth movement in Seattle has been reprinted in the new Utne Reader. It isn't up at the Utne site yet, but you can read the article at:

The good news is that the Utne Reader has a wide circulation, and Constant's article will awaken the curiosity of some of the 9/11 laggards among its part because his assessment of the movement is not the usual hit piece: "I was surprised when I met some of Seattle's Truth groups because I was confronted by smart, sincere people with lots of information about the sad state of civil liberties and corporate control in the United States, people eager to inform other people about what's happening to our rights and using money out of their own pockets to do it. People fighting, in other words, the single biggest sin in America: laziness."

Democracy Radio Show with Evan Ravitz and Laura Wells, Monday, November 26, 9-11pm CST

Listen 7:00- 8:00 pm (PST) to the and to our guest - Evan Ravitz and from 8:00- 9:00 pm (PST) to our guest - Laura Wells.

Evan Ravitz has been championing the National Initiative for Democracy, written by former US Senator Mike Gravel. The National Initiative empowers people to share law-making power with representatives, similar to ballot initiatives in 24 States, but at all levels from national to local and with several improvements. The People as check and balance against legislators, Congress, lobbyists, and money!

Monday, October 1st, 9-11 pm (CST) Telling the Truth Radio Show with Robert Shetterly and Darryl and Emily Bouchard

Robert Shetterly

Americans Who Tell the Truth

Darryl and Emily Bouchard

Listen 9-10 pm (CST) to Questioning War- Organizing Resistance on the and to our guest in the first hour- Robert Shetterly and from 10-11:00 pm (CST) to our guests in the second hour- Ellen and Darryl Bouchard.

Robert Shetterly is an artist, author, radio show host, and produced a traveling exhibition, and book entitled Americans Who Tell the Truth a collection of portraits & quotes.

Reinventing Money Radio Show, Monday, 9/24, 9-11 pm(CST) with Ellen Hodgson Brown

Ellen Hodgson Brown

The Web of Debt- The Shocking Truth About Our Money System -- The Sleight of Hand That Has Trapped Us in Debt and How We Can Break Free

Conception Dollar

Issue #10- Deception Dollar

Listen 9:00- 11:00 pm (CST) to the and to our guest in the first and second hour- Ellen Hodgson Brown on "Rethinking Money."

September 17, 2007- Converging Movements Radio Show with Ashley Casale, Michael Israel and Mike Ferner 9-11 pm CST

Ashley Casale and Michael Israel began their March for Peace on March 22, 2007

Mike Ferner, Veteran for Peace

Inside the Red Zone: A Veteran for Peace Reports from Iraq by Mike Ferner

Listen 9:00- 11:00 pm (CST) to Questioning War- Organizing Resistance on the and to our guests in the first hour- Ashley Casale and Michael Israel and to our guest in the second hour- Mike Ferner, author of Inside the Red Zone: A Veteran for Peace Reports from Iraq, and a representative of Veteran's for Peace, a key peace organization, mobilizing in Washington DC this month, pushing for truth, peace, impeachment, and a dramatic change in the direction that the US is headed.

9/11 Truth Movement- Interview with Paul DesLauriers and Janice Matthews, Monday, September 3, 9-11 pm (CST)

On the radio show, Questioning War- Organizing Resistance, from 9:00- 11:00 pm (CST) on our guests- Paul DesLauriers and Janice Matthews will share their insights on the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Janice Matthews

Paul DesLauriers

Bearer of Light- A Catalyst for Global Change

In the First hour Paul DesLauriers will discuss his book - Bearer of Light- A Catalyst for Global Change and his experience and insights as Grassroots Coordinator for

Ms. Goodman, Multiudes and Multitudes of People Around the World Get to Hear Your Words, You Deserve to as Well!

From wikipedia:

...Goodman also writes a weekly column called "Breaking the Sound Barrier," for King Features Syndicate. In her first piece, released October 24, 2006, she wrote, "My column will include voices so often excluded, people whose views the media mostly ignore, issues they distort and even ridicule."

P.S. Open letter coming soon