Alternet Censors Its 9/11 Readers/Commenters

Yesterday, I left two comments on LeftWright's blog entry (The Christopher Hayes hit piece posted on AlterNet...). I have decided to repost those comments as an original blog entry in order to draw further attention to Alternet's practice of selective censorship.

Comment No. 1:


As of 12:44 PM (EDT), there are 923 comments on "The Nation/Alternet" 9/11 hit piece. The vast majority of them are pro-911 Truth, and they all trash the author of that piece-of-crap article, as well as Alternet and The Nation for publishing it. The previous highest number of comments I've seen on an Alternet article (also on the topic of 9/11) was somewhere between 400 and 500 (at least the number was in that range the last time I looked).

Alternet must certainly realize they are antagonizing and alienating an extremely large number of their regular readers. -- Submitted by MJW on Thu, 12/14/2006 - 11:47am.

Comment No. 2:

Now The Comments Are All Gone

As of 10:36 PM (EDT), all comments in Alternet's 9/11 article are gone. There is no listing of the number of comments at the top of the article, and there is no indication that there ever were any comments; nor is there even any longer a place to add a comment. Furthermore, no explanation is given as to why they have suddenly disappeared. All other articles at Alternet still have their comments, so the culprit cannot be an overall technical glitch.

Are the top dogs at Alternet starting to realize that the majority of their readers do not share their opinion on 9/11? Therefore, out of a sense of sheer frustration, they made their reader's angry comments disappear (at least from public view)? -- Submitted by MJW on Thu, 12/14/2006 - 9:46pm.

Please be sure to click the link at the top and read LeftWright's entry and the reader comments on that entry (several of those readers, including LeftWright, replied to my two comments).