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About that WTC7 Corner Shot...

This is a follow up to a blog entry from back in April, that called on 9/11 researchers to petition NIST to provide a copy of the source file for the infamous WTC7 corner shot that was used in the "Part IIC - WTC 7 Collapse" section of the "NIST Response to the World Trade Center Disaster".

At least one FOIA request was initiated, but unfortunately, NIST was unable to comply. It turns out that the digital file embedded in the PDF/PPT presentation is all they have, according to a telephone conversation with Catherine Fletcher of NIST. (The person who filed the FOIA request spoke with Fletcher.) This raises some questions.

Did anyone at NIST check the EXIF data for this photo (which appears to be missing from the PDF copy) which would indicate a time-stamp and other details essential for provenance? Shouldn't this be standard procedure? Can anyone go ahead and submit "evidence" to NIST and not have to worry about ever having to provide an original?

Anyhow, the call goes out again to 9/11 researchers to petition the NYPD for a copy of the original source file, with intact EXIF data, which should lay to rest speculation that the photo was altered in any way. If you have contacts at the NYPD, please use them.

Corner Controversy - A photographic analysis of the damage to the southwest corner of WTC7

The recent rediscovery of the Aman Zafar photo of WTC7 has sparked a lot of controversy over its authenticity and over the authenticity of the photo published in the NIST report.

I will analyze and compare these two and two other photos of the lower southwest corner of WTC7 and determine that there was indeed damage done to the southwest corner on floors 8-18 with the deepest damage occurring around the 12th floor.

The Zafar photo which seemingly shows an intact corner on the 12th floor, reveals more damage when studied in detail. An optical illusion gives the false impression of an intact corner (column) on the 12th floor. The other photos show that indeed the corner was gone at this level.

The NIST/NYPD shot shares some features with the other photos but it has anomalies that are suggestive of deliberate manipulation.

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