Amanda Keller

Daniel Hopsicker: Truth, Lies and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Not since nearly 50 years ago when the CIA tried to pass off a man shown in two black and white photographs taken outside the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City as Lee Harvey Oswald, has the truth been so openly and casually violated as during the ferocious campaign to roll back some of what was already known and on the public record about Mohamed Atta in the aftermath of the 9/11 attack.

At one point a man even came forward to insist he, not Mohamed Atta, lived with Amanda Keller at the Sandpiper Apartments in Venice.

Well over six feet tall (Atta was 5'10) he looked far more like a young Jean Paul Belmondo than the dark glowering visage of Atta’s described by eyewitnesses.

In fact, the man, who avers Amanda Keller mistook him for Mohamed Atta, looks as if he might be hard-pressed to glower his way out of a paper bag.

No matter. The idea was a trial balloon, one of many sent up. The idea seemed to be that if you throw enough mud on the wall some of it will stick.

In more innocent times, this may have even been true.

But the after-image burned behind a billion eyeballs of bodies hurtling out of 100th story windows to escape encroaching flames insured the effort was not just unsuccessful, but was never even taken seriously.

The Persistence of Memory

The revelation last week that a key eyewitness to the activities in Florida of the 9/11 hijackers never changed his story about Mohamed Atta being drunk and belligerent in his bar four days before the 9/11 attack raised new questions about major news media coverage after the attack.

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