America: Freedom to Fascism

We Are Change Colorado Interviews KBDI Channel 12's President/CEO

Over the last couple years working with other activist groups in our area and with the wonderful people at KBDI channel 12 we were able to show many powerful films that have never been shown on network cable TV access before. KBDI broke ground by having the courage to air these incredible movies. These films were some of the most successful ever aired on KBDI. What that says to us is that as Wick Roland CEO says in the video "struck a chord with a large segment of our population."

KBDI to Repeat '9/11: Press for Truth' and 'America: Freedom to Fascism' During July!


KBDI to Repeat '9/11: Press for Truth' and 'America: Freedom to Fascism' During July!

pledge_911pressfortruth_060309-018Due to the huge success of the national premier of 9/11 Press for Truth on June 3, 2009, KBDI has announced that it's July schedule will include several repeat showings of the film. Colorado 9-11 Visibility is thrilled about the bold steps that KBDI are taking and wish to congratulate them on the success of this important historic premier.

We wish to thank everyone at KBDI, all the wonderful people who pledged their financial support in support of this film, and all the volunteers with Colorado 9-11 Visibility who have, over the years, helped pave the way for this kind of support for a film which would call into question the official version of events on September 11th.

It is also worth noting that along with the re-airing of 9-11 Press for Truth, KBDI will also be conducting repeat showings of America; From Freedom to Fascism!

Please spread this news around to people you know in Colorado and let's continue to call and write KBDI to pay them many well deserved accolades!

Colorado Public Television
2900 Welton Street, 1st Floor
Denver, CO 80205

Station: (303) 296-1212
Toll-Free: 1-800-727-8812
Fax: (303) 296-6650

Comment on KBDI Viewer Buzz and let the world know how much you appreciate KBDI.

9-11 Truth on PBS - Colorado 9-11 Visibility on KBDI Channel 12 in Denver...Again!

On March 5th 2009 the local PBS station, KBDI, in Denver Colorado broadcast the groundbreaking expose, America: Freedom To Fascism to raise funds for the station. They invited volunteers from Colorado 911 Visibility to run the phone bank. In this clip Earl Staelin is interviewed about the points of that day in September that we still don't have answers for.

To support KBDI please consider making a pledge so they can continue broadcasting the message to truth to the American people.

1-800-690-5234 or

IF YOU CANNOT make a pledge please call them and thank them for their support of our message.

Also see for two of our past appearances on KBDI.

Public TV Station Offers Endgame, Freedom to Fascism During Pledge Drive

Gary Franchi Exposes Federal Reserve on PBS

Gary Franchi of the Lone Lantern Society on KBDI in Denver pitching Endgame and Freedom to Fascism.

Kurt Nimmo
March 12, 2009

It was an act of unmitigated terrorism. On March 5, 2009, KBDI, a public television station in Denver, Colorado, ran Aaron Russo’s America: Freedom to Fascism during a fund raising drive. KBDI had notorious terrorist Gary Franchi of the Lone Lantern Society on to pitch for donations and talk about Russo and his landmark film.

"America: Freedom to Fascism" played numerous times on Colorado Public Television

Extremely encouraging news!!! First I'd heard of this and seen it with my own eyes.

"America: Freedom to Fascism" played numerous times on Colorado Public Television

I don't have much more to say, but I'm sure this program was seen by many people.
We all could learn more about this activism and push our local PBS or Public Television Stations to play this.
The precedent has been set in Colorado at least to help encourage them.
I don't even know the difference between PBS and Public Television
But when I heard from a family member this aired in Colorado I was thrilled.
They said.. oh I watched that IRS movie you've been talking about.
Can't believe those IRS agents aren't paying their taxes anymore.
Great news.

My plea is that we all work to reach out to our local PBS/Public Television Stations and request they follow suit and play AFTF.
Google will work for the details most likely. Peace.

Here's a link to Colorado Public Television's page:

Please post any other experiences with Public Television or PBS in the comments.

911 Truthers Are Everywhere - People Rapidly Waking Up To 911 Truth!

On 10/11 We Are Change Los Angeles and other chapters and 911 truth groups did a march for 911 truth and a peace demonstration in protest at the offices of Google, Verizon and Rand corporations and of solidarity at the police and fire department headquarters in Santa Monica. There were 150 or so people from Los Angeles, San Diego, Inland Empire, Orange County and Long Beach.
But even before we got started we had a number of people walk up to us and express support and these were people who had done their homework. An entirely new flow than we have seen at previous demonstrations and very exciting to experience.
We even had one fellow from Trinidad who was taking a leisurely bus ride in Santa Monica with his son who saw us demonstrating and they got off the bus and asked what it was all about. He joined us and participated with us for an entire afternoon. At dinner afterwards he said it was the best day of his life!

Here is a chat with one of these individuals who had already woken up to the truth before we got to him...

Sherry Peel Jackson's trial begins in Atlanta

Sherry Peel Jackson, one of the former IRS agents that appeared in the late Aaron Russo's movie America Freedom to Fascism, is currently under trial for criminal failure to file 1040 income confession forms in Atlanta, Georgia.

Freedom to Fascism to be aired in Colorado

On Sunday, April 15 (THIS SUNDAY), KBDI (channel 12 in Denver, channel 23 in Colorado Springs) will show "America: Freedom to Fascism" at 7pm :
This film documents the systematic erosion of civil liberties in America and how this country is quickly becoming like a fascist state. This video can also be viewed on Google video:

The End of Discussion Boards and Blogs

I must bring this up since it seems to me like an important issue. It would seem that this freedom crushing administration wants to put Liberals and Truth Seekers back in the dark. I read recently that John McCain ispushing for monitoring and/or fining blog sites in order to shut them up and/or shut them down. I am sure if passed it would effect every blog, including this one. They use the "Protect the Children" bill as an excuse, but I have never heard of a real blog effecting or hurting a child. It seems to me that Washington has caught on that the internets are not just a series of tubes and wires, but that it is an outlet for like minded people to discuss politics and what is wrong in our country. Yahoo has recently shut down their discussion boards and while
many of the posts were sometimes vile or insulting, many were about the truth and corruption going on in Washington today. One disussion dealing with Iraq as a topic had 2,980,000 posts and many were against the war and against Bush. Yahoo pulled in millions of hits a day from these boards so it didn't really make any
sense that they would shut them down unless they were pressured from an outside source. It just seems that

From Aaron Russo. Spread the word.

The time has arrived we are now offering the DVD for sale at the website for 19.95 or you can watch it on pay per view for $5 with the highest quality resolution on the internet or you can watch it for free on google video in a lower resolution. all of this can be done by going to the Freedom to website and clicking on your choice of how you want to view the film. The objective is to see the movie and wake up America! Have house parties and spread the message of freedom to fascism across the world. You may also sign up to become an affiliate. the ball is now in your court!

Blessings to all,
Aaron Russo

Thanks again to MikeJr.

Also, I'm working as hard as I can to get us a release for screening "Kill the Messenger" (another important piece of the 911 puzzle).