Analyzing South Park

Analysing South Park. Cui Bono? By Morgan Stack.

From: Morgan Stack, Scholars for 9/11 Truth Ireland

"The Hardy boys are called in to investigate the World Trade Centre conspiracy and once Detective Yates points out that ‘there were two towers that stood right here, and they're gone.’ One of the Hardy boys immediately muses ‘mnnn, who would benefit most from two buildings disappearing?’ The subtext again is easy enough to spot here. Who benefits? Whoever claims the insurance payoff.

For the unaware, that would be one Larry Silverstein, who only purchased the lease to the WTC on July 24th 2001, seven weeks before the buildings were destroyed. This was the first time in the building's 31-year history that the complex had changed ownership. The lease agreement applied to WTC Buildings One, Two, Four and Five, and about 425,000 square feet of retail space. (He already owned WTC7). Silverstein put up only $14 million of his own money and was also given the right to rebuild the structures, should they be destroyed..."

Hardly Boy 1: Ooo... oh, I just started getting a clue.