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Figured I'd post some of my personal pictures from the weekend. I didn't get a chance to take too many ... I spent too much time running around and making sure everything was running smoothly.

Many Of Ground Zero's Past Visitors Have Other Plans


Posted by Bob Braun September 11, 2008 12:07AM

For many surviving relatives of 9/11 victims, Ground Zero is no longer the place to find a link to the lost.

This year, with both presidential candidates planning to appear today, the sense of disconnect is even greater.

"We don't want to be there with the crowds and the politicians," says Don Robertson of South Orange. He and his wife, Marcee, lost their son, Donald Jr.

"We are really set against having McCain and Obama there. Even if they don't say a word, it's still political. They'll be seen."

WTC Site Will Be Open Again To Families On 9/11

Here are a few stories related to the debacle that took place last year. Watch for 9/11 Family Member Michele Little's presentation given in Keene, NH this past May for more on that. - Jon

9/11 Memorial Service Moved From Ground Zero Without Consulting The 9/11 Families
9/11 Families Vow Action If City Moves Memorial Service From WTC Site
9/11 Families Hold Last Midnight Mass At Ground Zero



NEW YORK (AP) — Sept. 11 victims' families will be able to mourn their loved ones at the World Trade Center site again on the terrorist attacks' seventh anniversary.

Disney to sponsor next terrorist attack on America

Alain Terrieur
La Lune de la presse internationale


The Walt Disney Corporation in conjuction with ABC Broadcasting announced Wednesday that it would be the proud sponsor of the next terror attack on the USA. After releasing a docu-drama this week on the 9-11 attacks which purposely distorted facts and testimony to Congress about the attacks in New York and Washington, the corporation decided that it would also be in its interest to promote future terrorism so as to pre-empt any factual reporting that would be done in its wake.

"We felt that since we got to re-write the history of 9-11 in order to blame the Clinton Administration, we may as well go ahead and ensure the next attacks so we could blame future Democrats or liberals, or anyone else we disagree with," said Disney Executive Producer Lou Zurr. He also dismissed allegations of partisan unfairness, illegality or immoral behavior as simply "aiding and abetting the future terrorists."

Another Disney executive said on condition of anonimity that Disney was thrilled with the prospect of monopolizing forthcoming documentaries of the next spectacular attacks on innocent Americans, hoping to make "tens of millions" while inserting whatever details they felt appropriate into the debate and omitting anything that might make certain government officials appear incompetent, complicit or perhaps even actively promoting terrorism on their own citizens. "That is simply out of the question," he stated. "We have a large enough revenue at this point to rewrite history as we see fit."

Pulse 5 911 ~ 5 Years of The War and Terror

5 year anniversary video for the terrorist acts of 911
Click Image to Download the VIDEO 66 mgs 19.11 minutes

Video coverage of the 5th anniversary of the 911 terrorist attacks. Featuring Alex Jones, Immortal Technique, Mumia Abu Jamal, Korey Rowe and Random Americans.

5 years ago I went from totally apathetic average Amer'can to guerilla video activist in a matter of weeks .. because of 911. After 5 years of struggling to expose the repression inherit in the system and gain underground media expose for the various causes that have sprung up since 9.11.01 .. I'm amazed at how stubborn people can be when it comes to defending their opinions.. especially when they have no facts to back those opinions. If I thought I'd still need to be doing this 5 years later.. I'm not sure I would have begun.