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The Last Commandment: Thou Shall Not Beguile 
Newspaper Editor Neil Reynolds "Dalton Camp Lecture in Journalism" November 17, 2011 - LINK

An Ipsos Reid poll published in the National Post tells us that only 32% of Canadian journalists and only 25% of our national politicians are regarded as “highly trustworthy”.

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It's not going to be a regular news day when the MSM begins to give in but what sort of event will precipitate better coverage? We know MSM is nearly devoid of journalists in the true investigative tradition. They obviously aren't champions of any journalistic standard but have you all noticed in the coverage of Cairo, even the most simple minded and superficial "feel good" shows such as The Today Show had a recent segment of Ann Curry with two other unknown females talking about America's failed involvement in dubious political alignments and support for known dictators? And the moon is on a collision coarse with earth, now let's go to Al with the weather! Who are these people? queue scene from The Truman Show : Truman's wife struggles with product placement during a nervous breakdown.