Another 911

When will the "big crunch" come? Are you getting prepared?

I get the question frequently: “WHEN will the big crunch come?” Today I received via email from 9/11 researcher Nila S. the following prediction: “brace yourselves: The next major False Flag op’s just round the corner... They must—and will—strike before September 11...”

Let me open that question up-- how would you vote? Dig out your crystal ball and indicate your predictions of the “likelihood” the big crunch will be noticeable by the general public (I put my guesses along side as examples):
1. August or September 2007 (30%, sorry Nila)
2. By the end of 2007 (40%)
3. By June 30, 2008 (60%)
4. By the 2008 election (Nov.) (80%)
5. By the end of 2012 (99.99%)
6. Go ahead -- add a date and your likelihood prediction:

Even a 30% likelihood is enough to get me going on preparing... What else can I say to persuade you to get to store up some food, water, and warm clothes (just a start)?