Anthony Hall

(2009 VIDEO) Jonathan Kay discusses WTC Building 7 with Professors Graeme Macqueen & Anthony Hall.

Uploaded by UW911ResearchGroup on Jun 2, 2009

During the question and answer period, columnist, Jonathan Kay, asks a question to professors Graeme MacQueen and Anthony Hall, as to why more mainstream journalists don't cover building 7. Professor Hall uses the opportunity to expose one example of Kay's yellow journalism and under researched defamation having ruined the career of one renowned Canadian journalist. supporting it being seen as "career suicide" to risk covering Building 7 in mainstream media.

Walkerton, Ontario
May 24, 2009

Neocon hack Jonathan Kay attacks University of Lethbridge for funding 9/11 research

Neocon propagandist hack and editor of the National Post, Canada's answer to the Washington Times, has once again attacked the 9/11 Truth Movement by issuing a series of ad hominem attacks against the University of Lethbridge and Professor Anthony Hall, who are supporting the graduate work of Josh Blakeney. Here is Blakeney's research proposal, work that will be funded to the tune of $7,714 by the university: