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The Ballad of Mohamed Atta - What's Myth? What is True?

The Ballad of Mohamed Atta – Vic Sadot at Last FM on “9/11 Truth & Justice Songs”. Great violin by Vic's buddy Eric Golub. This song was written after reading the Australian Broadcast Corporation interviews by Liz Jackson with Ralph Bodenstein & Volker Hauth who were buddies with Mohamed Atta in their college days. They simply could not imagine him being the person described in the US Press. Research by Daniel Hopsicker of Mad Cow News “Welcome to Terrorland” revealed a Mohamed devoid of religion & addicted to sex & drugs, who had Visas & US military training at Huffman Aviation & Pensacola Naval Base in Florida. What is myth? What is true?

10-24-17 Truth Troubadour @ 911blogger Edit Udate #1: Replacing a link that no longer works at Last FM. Last FM got sold to a big corporation, which resulted in indie artists and their past posts disappearing, especially free song downloads. Here are two new links to the songs where you can listen on YouTube followed by a link for a free download at SoundCloud.

US Muslim 'radicalisation' House Homeland Security Committee

US Muslim 'radicalisation' House Homeland Security Committee


House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King.

The BBC reports....

US Muslim 'radicalisation' hearings spark unease

A series of controversial hearings into the "radicalisation of the American Muslim community" is starting in the US. The Republican congressman holding the hearings says some Muslim leaders are not co-operating enough with the police and FBI. But many US Muslims say they are being unfairly singled out, and some fear the hearings will only increase Islamophobia in the US.

The BBC reports....

Peter King warns al-Qaeda recruiting US Muslims

A US congressman has warned al-Qaeda is actively recruiting US Muslims for violent attacks within the country.

The Detroit Free Press reports....

Anti-Muslim 9/11 Propaganda in Full Swing

The 9/11 Mosque’s Peace Charade
By Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer

A massive fifteen-story mosque and Islamic Center going up in what was once the shadow of the World Trade Center claims to offer “the opposite statement to what happened on 9/11.” The Center organizers, the America Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA), have worked hard in the media to portray themselves as Islamic moderates working for peace on the exact spot where their belligerent coreligionists perpetrated murder and mayhem in the name of their religion. But the words and deeds of the leader of the effort, the Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, suggests a more ominous reality: Abdul Rauf is a master of deceptive, Orwellian use of language, manifesting a deep contempt for non-Muslims and full accord with the supremacist goals of the 9/11 hijackers.