Anti-Semitism vs (update)

So, promoted by Kevin Barrett, Jim Fetzer, and WACLA, among others, updated their site a while back, making it look a bit more respectable and improving it's SEO profile. The point of the site remains the same and that is specifically to blame Israel for 9/11. The site also continues to lack any indication of a solid commitment to 9/11 facts or activities of the movement and has repeatedly attacked and Janice Matthews personally. For more info you can look at this post on Truth Action:

The site now lists a number of other participants. To save you a visit, as there's nothing of interest there and we shouldn't give them traffic, I'll list those people here. Ed Kendrick, Zan Overall, Dr. Tom Tvedten, Wendy Campbell, Judy Kemecsei, Jerry Mazza, Stephen Lendman, Adrian Salbuchi, T. Mark Hightower, and Tim Titrud.

In response to this update and their continued activities I updated my counter site,, adding three new pages that will help my site to remain just under theirs in the search results. Clicking on these links will help the sites ranking.

Anti-Semitic Associations Continue to Damage the Credibility of 9/11 Truth Movement

It has recently come to my attention that CNN has broadcast some pieces on Jewish "9/11 Conspiracy Theories". I am not absolutely sure when these were first broadcast, because the youtube videos have been re-packaged, editorialised and titled "9/11 was a Jew Job".

The videos are very anti-semitic. They use the label "Jew" over and over again in captions which have been overlaid on the original CNN piece, a typical Nazi-style technique. Basically this is disinformation, because it taints 9/11 Truth with the stain of Nazism, anti-semitism and holocaust denial. The news piece features Christopher Bollyn who has neo Nazi associations and Eric Hufschmid who is a holocaust denier.

Ok I think there could be something going on here!

I just came across this site and I feel that this flurry of anti-Semitic smears against 9/11 truth might be starting to go beyond a coincidence;

I don't want to directly encourage people to check the site out and give it hits so I'm posting its banner and text here;

Jews Did WTC.

The morning of September 11th, 2001 americans woke up in their beds, made their breakfast, and got ready to go to work, a regular scheduled day. The bright sun slowly rose overhead as children turned on morning cartoon as their parents began their commute to work. No one knew of the massacre that Jews would commit only a few hours later.

Arizona 9/11 Accountability Conference Removes Williams

Arizona 9/11 Truth, sponsor of the 9/11 Accountability Conference taking place in Chandler in late February, has removed Eric Williams from its list of speakers and from its program schedule. Earlier today, a post of mine noted that he had been re-titled on the conference website's "Contact Us" page from "Conference Director and Webmaster" to "Vendor Coordinator." He remains on the contact page in this reduced capacity.

Earlier this week, delver of TruthMove posted a blog alerting the 9/11 community to the fact that Williams is currently promoting a book with on Auschwitz which refers to the "alleged Holocaust."

Eric D. Williams: 9/11 Accountability Conference Director and Holocaust Revisionist!?

Sorry if you find this "divisive," but I think it's an important issue, and one that seems to not have been addressed by the movement.

Does anyone else find it a little disconcerting that the director of the this conference has a new book of Holocaust revisionism called "The Puzzle of Auschwitz?" His prior books were on 9/11, fascism, the matrix, etc., yet his latest release is on a topic that can taint anything connected to it. Even if the information is accurate, it is not a subject or association that is going to advance our cause.

So how did this happen? Someone should have taken issue with this and at the very least asked Williams to play a less visible roll.

Williams' site:

Sorry to point you to Screw Loose Change, but you can see how this might be something the "skeptics" and "debunkers" could use against us very effectively.

A post on TruthMove about this:

Israel and 9/11: Thou Does Protest Too Much

Anti-semitism is one of the most frequent allegations about people involved in the 9/11 Truth movement. Is it true? Are 9/11 truthers really anti-semites?

Well, prominent Rabbi Michael Lerner and other Jewish leaders are calling for 9/11 truth. Indeed, Rabbi Lerner says that uncovering the truth of 9/11 has the power to bring positive, lasting change to our nation and to our world.

And some of the leading members of Scholars for 9/11 Truth are Jewish.

As are some of the other prominent individuals who have called for a deeper investigation into the events of 9/11.

Indeed, some of the most committed and hard-working 9/11 activists, such as Jon Gold and many others, are Jewish.

So that must mean that these are "self-loathing" Jews, right? No, actually. I know many of these people quite well, and they are wholly comfortable being Jewish. Many are proud of their heritage and their faith.